The illustration in this blog were made by the iPad software  ipTime Capsule — Professional Version.   The Mass-Market version of this software is available for free for the iPad and iPhone.  The program shows   the chart through time, but so far I am only displaying single images.  It was co-written by the author of this blog.  The following is advertising copy for the program.

A long-time astrologer from the Bay Area, a pioneer astrological programmer, and an Oscar-winning member of the Pixar team have combined to produce ipTime Capsule, a program that redefines astrology software.  Now you can have astrology literally in the palm of your hand, and your chart at your fingertips.

Touch screen devices are different from the mouse-controlled computers on your desk or lap. Your relationship to a touch device is different and more intimate, and so the software for touch devices should also be different; ipTime Capsule puts the touch system to good use, being responsive to your commands like a fine-tuned instrument.

The experience of using ipTime Capsule is different from standard, menu-driven programs. (Just think of the frustrations you’d experience if you had to play a piano by using menus.)  With ipTime Capsule you are able to fully explore a chart rather than look at glimpses of it.  In fact, the experiential astrology with ipTime Capsule is so different that we say you “fly” the chart.

Computers are now faster, smaller, and more colorful than they were three decades ago, but most chart displays are much the same as they were in the pre-computer 19th century.  Experience astrology as it should be — visual astrology.  ipTime Capsule produces a full color chart handsome enough to put on your wall and large enough to be clearly seen. This chart appeals to the right side of your brain as well as the left, leading to deeper astrological understanding.

A tool should perform the functions you need; a good tool should also be attractive and easy to use; a great tool should be instinctive to use and even enjoyable; those qualities make ipTime Capsule the primier astrological tool.  You already know how to use ipTime Capsule, just like you know how to use your TV remote: start/stop, back/forward, faster/slower are all the basic controls you need to Know

Astrology by its very nature astrology is dynamic — the positions of the planets change for week to week, month to month — and so astrology software must also be dynamic. Static astrology only looks at one isolated moment of time.  But with ipTime Capsule you don’t have to be satisfied with that.  Instead you can explore an  astrological chart in depth and over time.  ipTime Capsule allows you to make a movie of your life.

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