History Repeats

An obscure journalist in the Nineteenth Century, who became better known through his books and manifestos, once said that “History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce”.  We are now seeming the truth of this dictum played out before us.
The Nineteenth Century journalist Karl Marx wrote a book called The Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Napoleon.  People in the present mostly don’t recognize “Eighteen Brumaire” which for the educated European of the Nineteenth Century would be as recognizable as is 9/11 is today.  It all has to do with the end of the French Revolution; perhaps if we called that date sixteen years ago the twentieth of Virgo it would not be so recognizable either.

After the French Revolution, many things were changed.  For example, the customary methods of weights and measures were replaced by a more reasonable system based on units of ten, which was called the metric system and which I believe it is still in use in a few countries.  And the calendar was changed.  The French Revolutionary calendar had months corresponding to zodiacal signs, and Brumaire is Scorpio, so 18 Brumaire is 18 Scorpio or November 9.  The year in question was 1799.

So What happened on November 9, 1799?  It was well known again to European intellectuals of the Nineteenth Century.  There was a coup in France by Napoleon Bonaparte against the Directory of the French Revolution that ruled France, essentially installing Napoleon as a dictator in France and ending the French Revolution.  This was a big deal.  So the date 18 Brumaire was when the French Revolution ended.  Let us look at the chart for that date.



Eighteen Brumaire


In this char Sun is conjunct Neptune,   and it had passed over Neptune two days  earlier, possibly when the planning for the coup took place,  This conjunction suggest confused days in Paris.  And it certainly was. The tightest aspect is the sesquiquadrate between Pluto —  revolution, transformation — and Venus – justice.   And it certainly was that.

History repeats itself, first as tragedy, second as farce.

One of the contentions of this blog is that every time there is a midpoint configuration involving Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto – – at most three per century — there is a major change in the zeitgeist of society, which could be called it a soft coup.  We are living now under the combined impact of the three coups from the Twentieth Century, since the first from the Twenty First hasn’t happened yet.  The one closest to us in time, and so the one we most notice since many are still alive who remember life before that event, is what I call in shorthand the Neoliberal Coup, even though the previous one, called the National Security State coup, is also very strong, and will be discussed in a later post, though it has been discussed before.

We have seen this played out in the present.  The commanding issue of this time is Neoliberalism, since it originated with the midpoint configuration of the late Seventies discussed earlier.  These midpoint configurations indicate such a large change in society that much is different afterwards, so much so that we find it difficult to believe that another world was once possible and may be again.  This Neoliberaism coup finally crashed with the so-called Great Recession of 2007-2009, when Pluto crossed the cardinal axis and into the sign Capricorn.  The hero designated to slay the dragon of neoliberalism was Barak Obama.  And he appeared to suggest that he was the Champion who could do so — remember Hope and Change?  I’ve discussed before  the strong influence of Neptune in the election of Obama.  But he proved not to be the Champion people wanted him to be, and this was the tragedy.




These two graphs illustrated what has been happening.  The first one shows allotment of income in economic recovery — after each economic downturn there is a recovery when incomes increase.  In the recovery after World War II, under President Harry Truman, 80% of the income increase went to the bottom 90 % of the population and only 20 % went to the top 10%.  This ratio kept falling during subsequent recoveries after other downturns, and by the recovery under President Reagan the upper 10% got 80% of the income increase, leaving only 20% for the bottom 90% of the population, the reverse of what happened under Truman.  But at least the bottom 90% got some income increase. This changed under the last recovery, under President Obama.  In that case the bottom 90% lost about 15% of their income, while the upper 10% gained almost 120%, or in other words got some income from the bottom 90%, thus increasing the already massive inequality.  This is unprecedented in the last 70 years.




The next graph shows the distribution of wealth — assets — of families over the last 100 years.  We can see that the top 0.1%, that is the upper one tenth of one percent of the population, reached a height of 26% of the total wealth in 1929 right before the start of the Great Depression.  Their share of total wealth then fell until the late Seventies and the beginning of Neoliberalism; at this point their share was only 7%.  That share started to increase, but still the share of the wealth owned by the 90% increased until it was 36% in the mid-Eighties under President Reagan.  It then began to fall, and of course the share held by the upper tenth of a percent increased until now they have almost met and crossed.  We await newer figures with anticipation!  But one can see from these two graphs that things have gotten worse for the bottom 90%, and this was foretold when newly elected President Obama told a group of assembled bankers, who expected the worst, that he was the only thing between them and the pitchforks.  And now that he is ex-President he has been rewarded by those same bankers with two $400,000 speaking engagements and of course a $65 million book deal, and in early May he made a $3.2 million for a speech in Milan, showing clearly that he is not a part of the 90%

A recently published book by a Professor Emeritus in Economics at MIT called The Vanishing Middle Class: Prejudice and Power in a Dual Economy by Peter Temin lays in out.  He says that American society is dividing into an upper 20%, in the finance, technology, and electronics sector, and the lower 80%, and that those two groups are increasingly divided from one another.  Those in the two groups live in different countries, and do not communicate.  Needless to say, those running the media – newspapers, television — live in only one of those worlds, unlike many years ago before the Neoliberal Revolution when many journalists were from the 80% that are not in the FTE sector.

Barack Obama was chosen to run since he was a much better mask to hide America, a biracial mask that was more glamorous than the one offered by George W. Bush, whose behavior had damaged Brand America.  And he promised Hope and Change (TM) which people believed somehow would solve the problems that Neoliberalism had brought into their lives.  But as we have seen by these graphs, and many studies, not only did things not improve, but they got worse.  Inequality increased over the last eight years.  So the mask has been ripped away, and America is seen as it truly is.  Now things are blatant with a louche businessman as the face of America.



Pluto Opposite Sun


One clear sign that the current populace of the United States is not happy with the current government, current President, and in fact all of what was called in a simpler time the “Establishment” was shown obviously by the transit of Pluto opposite the United States Sun, depicted above by a chart for an exact pass and below by a graphical ephemeris for a five year period.  The Sun represent the President, etc. and revolutionary, transformative Pluto is opposite it.  The last time this opposition happened the Sun represented the King of England, Georrge III; the result was the American Revolution.




So next comes the Farce.  In a farce, situations are often exaggerated so that people understand what is going on, since the situation under the tragedy was somehow too subtle for people to comprehend, or the influence of Neptune was too strong.  Often the protagonist in a farce is indicated by some outward comical characteristic, say to pick an example totally at random, flaming orange hair.  The real problem in this farce is that people may not understand that it is a farce, and they will either attack the messenger — always a bad idea — or believe if only the farce stops things will go back to normal and everything will be as it should be.  One can imagine people demanding that the previous mask be returned to them, that if only the mask comes back things would be well.  One would think by now people would realize that the farce is just an exaggeration of what was the situation before.  To be more specific, Donald Trump is not sui generis, but rather an exaggeration for emphasis, as is usually the case in a farce.  But of course the Powers behind Neoliberalism are only too happy if you attack the Protagonist of the farce rather than the men behind the curtain, themselves.

The Inauguration

Donald Trump is the gift that keeps on giving.  His name is everywhere, filling the newspapers.  If you live on the West coast or in the Northeast it is mandatory that you hate him, even though we are told that love trumps hate.  A friend suggested that I look at the chart of his inauguration.  As you can see from the event chart below, the Inauguration of out 45th President started at 11:45 in the morning of January 20.  I’m not sure if this started before noon because the Vice-President has to be inaugurated before the President, and the President must take the oath at Noon, or this was just a bit earlier than noon for some other reason.  However, the chart drawn for noon has the Moon well below the Descendant, by almost 5 degrees, though it is above the horizon a degree and a half. This illustrates that the horizon — which people had an instinctive knowledge of –` and the Ascendant/Descendant` are not the same



Chart At Noon


Note:  Because of limits of the software, the whole word “Inauguration”  can not be spelled out at the top of the charts, so  one character is missing.





The most prominent aspect to note is that the Moon is opposite the Ascendant, Mars is sesquiquadrate the Moon, and Saturn is semisquare the moon.  And in fact you can see a “cats-cradle” formation between the Moon, Saturn, Mars, and the Ascendant, indicated by the arrows.  Jupiter is square the Midheaven, promising good fortune but not without difficulty (square)and because Jupiter is also opposite Uranus, we have a loose T square with the MC at the apex of that opposition.  Ebertin says for this “optimism, a love of change and variety”.   Looking at the fourth harmonic chart (below), we see Mars-Saturn is opposite along the Ascendant and the Moon, Jupiter is very tight to the Midheaven, and of course the Venus Pluto sextile in the first harmonic chart is now a trine in this fourth harmonic chart.  The Moon = Mars/Saturn midpoint combination is not too pleasant: Ebertin says a ”a fit of depression”.  And for the Ascendant = Mars/Saturn he says “obstacles caused by other people”.  Mars Saturn is a difficult combination.  Some have compared this combination of planets to driving with the brakes on: Mars wants to go fast, and Saturn wants to hold back.  It can suggest difficult progress on actions that are taken hastily.  Since this combination is connected with two personal points, the Ascendant and the Moon, it is very powerful.  And as we can especially see in the fourth harmonic chart that this whole configuration — Moon, Mars, Saturn, Ascendant — are tightly bound together, as is Jupiter to the Midheaven.  It suggest slow progress but with much depression and anxiety amongst the populace, perhaps especially women (Moon). But this is cause for optimism with Jupiter so tightly connected to the Midheaven.



Inauguration  Fourth Harmonic


Looking at the transits of the time with the US chart (below), we see that the two tightest aspects are both trines — harmonious — with the transiting Mars trine natal Mercury, and, almost as tight, transiting Sun — the day — is trine the US Midheaven.  These are both very tight, as can easily seen in the third harmonic chart (also below), where trines come out as conjunctions.  We can also easily see from this chart that there is a tight Moon-Neptune trine (conjunction in the third harmonic), both transiting.  Since the Moon represents the minute, the exact time of this event since the Moon moves so fast, at this moment in time the populace (Moon) were confused (Neptune) or self deceiving (Ebertin).  Also  note  the sesquiquadrate between Neptune   and the USA Mercury, which says much the same thing.  The trine from the transiting Sun to the US MC is beneficial, promising that this President will be very purposeful in achieving his objectives, which of course may not be good news to many people.  The other trine — Mars to Mercury – – suggest much the same, forceful movement towards a goal, an active mind and many angry (Mars) thoughts (Mercury).  The media of the United States (Mercury) will find forceful pressure from the incoming President.  Finally we have transiting Mercury opposite Jupiter, the third tightest aspect: There will be lots and lots of things to talk about with this upcoming administration.



USA at Inauguration



USA at Inauguration Harmonic 3


That of course is assuming Donald Trump is President for very long.  It is no secret that many are out to get him, including the National Security Establishment and the Democrats.  Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer warned on the cable news channel MSDNC that Trump is “really dumb” to criticize the intelligence community since they have “six ways from Sunday of getting back at you.”  As I write they have already drawn first blood, with the firing/resignation of Michael Flynn as his National Security Advisor.  As anyone who has watched nature movies knows, when a predator smells blood they go in for the kill.  Now that one member of the administration is down, and Trump has shown that he won’t support his representative, and thus looks weak, there will be attempts to pick off other members of the administration, starting of course with the weakest, aiming for the big prize, dislodging Donald Trump himself.  The chart below show what I believe is a critical time for him, and it could be a fatal time: This is August 21. 2017.



Trump At the Solar Eclipse


The first thing to notice is the both the Sun and Moon are conjunct and on his Ascendant. But notice that the Node of the Moon is there also, meaning that this is a Solar Eclipse, and indeed it is the one famously visibly in America.  This is a tremendous omen for the president.  For those who use Fixed Stars, Regulus, the Heart of the Lion, is also at this point, and that suggests a downfall of epic proportions.  But also notice the position of Saturn, exactly conjunct his Moon and opposite his Sun.  On this day Saturn is stationary but the exact point where it turns direct is four days off.  Saturn has been on his Moon and Sun all of 2017 and it has not been a pleasant time for him.  And because of Saturn’s retrograde travels it has been a very, very long time: Donald Trump is getting hit by Saturn as long as is possible.  I’m sure he’s hurting, but he won’t show it.

Here are few keywords for the fixed Star Regulus: Brave, bloodthirsty, ambitious, egotistical.  You get the idea.  More can be found by a search on line.  Sound familiar?  Now keywords for Ascendant conjunct the Ascendant: Great wealth but troubles, benefits do always last.  Again, you get the idea, this describes a person very successful but with an ultimate downfall. As I said in the previous paragraph, the end of August looks like a most problematic period for Donald J. Trump —  too many people are after him!

Donald J. Trump

This will be an Interpretation of Donald Trump’s chart, as if he were just a person and not the Donald.  There is a wide range of opinion on our President-elect, and since most astrologers these days are liberals, I assume most astrological opinion is extremely negative about this person.  I thought it would be interesting to look at his chart not knowing who the chart actually belongs to.  While we have discussed this chart previously, and compared it to the United States chart, this will cover new material.


No Aspects to Angles

A first thing to notice when looking at a chart is the general shape.  In this chart all planets but one are within the trine between Jupiter and Uranus, all on the Ascendant side of the chart; opposite is the Moon which exists all by itself on the Descendant side of the chart down in the fourth house (which is considered the ruling house for the Moon).  There is much emphasis on the Moon.  This man uses the Moon and the things symbolized by it to guide his behavior.  Among the things ruled by the moon are feelings, emotions, intuition.  Perhaps this man feels denigrated because he relies on his feelings more than rational thought to guide his behavior, unlike many men in Western society.  The Moon also represents women.  This male has a very strong feminine component and perhaps because of this he feels forced to brag about his sexual conquests in order to make other men think that he is “manly”.


Donald J. Trump

When I looked at Barack Obama’s chart  I was amazed by the lack of aspects in his chart. This person also has few aspects.  The main core of the chart is the opposition between the Moon and the conjunction of Sun, Uranus, and the North Node of the Moon (the South node is conjunct the Moon).  (For Uranian astrologers, Vulcanus (21 Gemini 11) is also tightly conjoined to the Sun and Uranus and exactly opposite the Moon, adding even more emphasis to this opposition.)  This planetary complex shows that this man is a very Uranian person, the bringer of Change.  Uranus is named after the ancient god Urania, who is the grandfather of the standard Olympian gods and goddesses we know from Greek and Roman mythology.  But as Richard Tarnas points out, the planet Uranus has a Promethean cast.  Prometheus stole the fire from the gods and gave it to humans, and act for which he was condemned to have his liver eternally plucked from his body.  Some think Prometheus was the principle that allowed humans to become fully human.

This man was born under not just a Full Moon but a Lunar Eclipse.  With Sun and Uranus in the Tenth house near the midheaven, he is seen by the world at large as a Uranian (eccentric, revolutionary) person, one that upsets the normal order of things.  This is a very powerful chart, even more so because it is a eclipse chart.  The Sun and Moon opposition suggests a conflict between his Conscious (Sun) and Unconscious (Moon) sides, and this conflict can lead to a surprising, even contradictory range of opinions.  Some may even suggests that this person has two completely different sides, something that is also heavily suggested by his Sun being in Gemini, the sign of the Twins.  This conflict may come from the conflicting opinions of his two parents which he saw while he was growing up.  It can not be emphasized enough that this is a hugely Uranian person, for better of worse.

Jupiter Trine Uranus

The boundary aspect of the nine planets opposite the Moon is the trine between Jupiter and Uranus, which is also conjunct the Sun.  This person is very lucky!  Perhaps he will gain wealth and possibly even a high political office.  For this combination of planets Ebertin says optimism or a lucky chance.  Being a trine suggests that this is something that the native could draw on but is not causing him any problems.  It also suggests someone who does not like to be fenced in, who does not like restrictions on his behavior.

Venus conjunct Saturn, tight

Saturn does not have a good reputation, and when conjunct Venus it suggests someone unlucky in love.  He may act as a father figure (Saturn) to the women (Venus) in his life, someone who gets involved with younger women.  This tight conjunction suggests he may have trouble with women, even thought, or perhaps especially because, he has such a strongly (prominent Moon) female nature.  (For Uranian astrologers, Hades (25 Aries 24) is tightly square this Venus-Saturn conjunction, adding more difficulty to his relationships with women.)  Of this combination of two planets, Ebertin says a sense of duty, suffering through love.

Mars at the Ascendant

Mars is in the Twelfth House, but conjunct the Ascendant.  Since the Ascendant represents the part of your personality that is visible to others (keywords are personae or environment) people may see this person as martial, angry, or violent.  They may withdraw in fear from his angry side (Mars is a very masculine planet) further upsetting his strongly feminine nature.

Unaspected Neptune or Very Wide Square between Mercury and Neptune

There is a very loose square between Mercury and Neptune, so wide that I would not call it a square.  The orb is one minute over the maximum I use in natal work.  But some people may like a wider orb.  The nature of Mercury and Neptune is a loose connection for the truth, or in more brutal words the tendency to lie.  It may also suggest that the words of this person are not believed.  Some astrologers give emphasis to unaspected planets.  It is considered a “dumb” note, and thus it becomes important.  In the case of this man, Neptune has no aspects. (Jupiter has a strong aspect to Pluto in the Fourth Harmonic chart, as we will see below.)  Neptune, as has been mentioned before, rules delusion, illusion, spirituality, and drugs.  Perhaps this man abstains from using drugs, perhaps he is not strongly religious.


Donald Trump Harmonic 4

Jupiter square Pluto in Fourth Harmonic Chart

The fourth harmonic chart, also known as the 90-degree dial because 90 is one-fourth of 360, can show us details of the chart that are not noticeable in the normal chart, especially hard aspects that are whole fractions of a square.  In this case we see a strong square between Jupiter and Pluto, which is actually 67 1/2 degrees, which could be called, if you want a name, a demi-semi-octile.  Whenever I see Jupiter and Pluto together I think of money and plutocracy (which obviously involves Pluto).  This combination suggests, as Ebertin says, a desire for power.  But also, in a negative sense, the pursuit of fanatical aims, the desire to exploit the masses.  But it also suggests the transformation (Pluto) needed to make money, (Jupiter) to achieve abundance.

Finally, I want to stress again that the main driver of this chart is the Sun/Node/Uranus opposite the Moon, a lunar eclipse. This is a unconventional man who is very powerful and lucky.


With Hypothetical Planets

Election 2016

In this election season I am reminded of a story Rob Hand told about astrologers in the Thirties.  Astrologers at the time, unlike now, tended to be conservative.  Even though there was an accurate chart for Franklin Roosevelt, which put his Uranus in the Twelfth House and thus not prominent, many astrologers refused to accept that and were sure his Uranus was in the First House, because such a radical person must certainly have a prominent Uranus.  They were letting their political beliefs overrule their astrological knowledge and thus they drew the wrong conclusion.

I need to do a lecture in this month about the election, and make some charts, so this will just be a display of those charts and a brief interpretation of them.  I will try not to draw any conclusions — and you can draw you own.  This is the most controversial election in recent memory, as several commentators have said, and since I value my life and friends, I will not take a stand.





The first thing we must do is look at the overall tenor of the times.  From this graphical ephemeris we can see that Pluto was running opposite the Sun of the United States between 2013 and 2017 (top of graph), with the tightest periods 2014 and 2015; there is a close pass in October of this year right before the election.  Also note that Uranus was square the Sun and thus Uranus was square Pluto, both transiting during part of this period.  Also note (just to the right of the center bar and in the lower half of the graph), and to make it even more interesting, that there is a Saturn square Neptune (discussed previously) happening during 2016, and exact a couple of months before the election.  The Sun in the US chart represents the government and the President; the Pluto opposition indicates that the people of the country are not happy with the government and this has been growing for awhile.  One can see this in the primary elections candidates of both major parties — people are unhappy. Even though this has been going on for decades, since the beginnings of neoliberalism it has now reached a critical point.  Politicians who pretend that things are rosy and even getting better are ignoring the mood of the country.  While the news media can’t totally ignore such a crisis, they do their best to put on a positive face. While the Pluto transit is just about over, this crisis of confidence has reached a critical stage during the passage of Pluto, and it will have to be dealt with.  When things are left hanging, they often work themselves out finally in ways that are not pleasing to most people, but that seems to be the way things operate — ignore a crisis for as long as possible and then try an ineffective way of squelching it.

We have an accurate timed chart for Donald Trump, which was discussed before. Unfortunately we do not have the same accuracy for his opponent, Hillary Clinton.  One would think that after all the years she has been in the public eye there would be a accurate chart.  The best is a time from her mother’s diary, about 8AM. I will use 8:02. There is also an 8PM chart floating around so that is a possibility.  With two charts 12 hours apart, the actual chart time could be anything.



October Surprise



Traditionally, there occurs before a Presidential election what is called an “October Surprise” which is exactly what it sounds like.  And from astrological indications, there will be an October Surprise this year.  In this chart for October 19 (this is only the day it is exact), we have a Mars Pluto conjunction opposite the Sun of the United States and also square natal Saturn.  Also transiting Saturn is conjunct the Ascendant of the United States, Neptune is sesquiquadrate Mercury and square Uranus, and even transiting Uranus, the third outer planet, is making a loose aspect to natal Mercury and Uranus.  A lot is happening. The Mars-Pluto conjunction is problematic to say the least.  Some think that this portends some type of terrorist incident, while others think this chart suggests the long-rumored financial meltdown which is the second act of the Great Recession of 2007 and 2008.  But of course a war could break out between the United States and Russia or China since we seem to be itching for one, or a war  between India and Pakistan.  Or it could be a surprise, something that we can’t see happening.  Since Clinton  has a tight Mars-Pluto conjunction in her natal chart, this transiting conjunction could be a harbinger of her success in the upcoming election.  The hard aspect between Mercury and Neptune suggests deception or outright lying, but predicting that at this time is like shooting fish in a barrel, as the saying has it.  Finally, Saturn on the Ascendant has been talked about before, and says that America’s self-image could take a hit.



US Lunar Return



It turns out that election day in the United States is also a lunar return — the transiting moon returns to the position of the natal moon — and so I thought it would be interesting to look at the lunar return for the US, to get an idea of what the next month for the country has in store.  In the lunar return, the Sun is at the Midheaven, indicating the importance of the month starting with the election.  The other important feature is Mars and Pluto conjunct the Ascendant, with their midpoint on the Ascendant.  I’ve already talked about Mars and Pluto before, and this location in the lunar return only emphasizes the point and again the importance of this month following the election, and that there may be a (unpleasant?) surprise in store.



Clinton Solar Return



Hillary Clinton has a solar return — where the Sun returns to the position  it was at birth, and is a forecast for the next year — just before the election, so I decided to look at it to see if there is any indication of her success in the election less than two weeks after her birthday.  Note that these solar returns are done for the place of birth.  I’ve done experiments with solar returns and been convinced that the return at the location of birth is accurate whereas the one set for the current location is not.

In the solar return for Clinton, less that two weeks before the election, we see the Moon closely conjunct the Ascendant and Neptune just above the Descendant in the Seventh house, and square Venus.  Moon on the Ascendant does not seem terribly strong for taking office.  Since the Moon represents women, it could signify her role as the first woman candidate for President of a major political party.  It may also show the emotions she has invested in this candidacy.  Neptune near the Descendant may indicate the deceptive nature of her race for the position of President, or that she is being deceived by people close to her.



Trump Solar Return


Having done the solar return for one candidate I decided to do one for the other candidate, Donald Trump.  In this one the most obvious significator is Uranus on the Midheaven.  The obvious meaning of this is a change (Uranus) in career (Midheaven).  It was suggested that this could indicate being sent to prison.  There are always alternate ways that an astrological forecast can work out, so one can interpret this however one wishes, or whatever your political desires demand.  Every election season reality is interpreted according to one’s political leaning, more so than at other times when the cues are not as obvious.

One idea that has been used to predict a successful election is to see if there are transits involving Saturn to a personal point, Sun and Moon, of the candidate after the election. While Saturn gets a bad press by many astrologers, it is obviously a needed planet, like all the others.  In this case, the Saturn transits indicate the responsibilities incurred upon taking office.  An alternative explanation is that Saturn would indicates that the candidate is extremely depressed upon losing the presidential election.












We previously discussed the position of Saturn in Donald Trump’s chart after the election, but I will go over it again.  Saturn crosses his moon, and thus opposes his sun, shortly after the election.  In the first image we see Saturn exactly on his Moon at the end of 2016. After it has moved a ways beyond his Moon, it turns retrograde in April of 2017, as shown in the second image, and then moves back to a close conjunction with his moon again. In the third image we see that finally Saturn turns direct on his moon in August of 201 7, having been stationary on his Moon, and opposed his Sun, for a while earlier in 2017.  It then moves away.  All told, Saturn is on both his personal points for many months following the election.  Either Mr. Trump has an awful lot to learn (Saturn) about the office he has just assumed or he is extremely depressed about having lost the Presidency.



Trump Election Day


On election day, transiting Jupiter is approaching its natal position, and is only five degrees away. The exact return is almost a month after the election.  A Jupiter return is a time of opportunity.  Jupiter was on his Neptune in early October (as is Clinton’s Jupiter on election Day) and is half way between the two planets.  This suggests a change from the delusion of Neptune to the promise of luck that is Jupiter.  On election day it is at the midpoint of the two planets; perhaps this suggest his delusion about his fortunes in the election that day.



Clinton Election Day



For Hillary Clinton, Saturn hangs out in her first house for the end of 2016 and much of 2017, making no obvious aspect except an opposition to her Uranus, which is not considered a personal point.  In general, Saturn opposite Uranus indicates a conflict between the old and the new.  Clinton also has a hard aspect between Pluto and her Ascendant, in this case it is a semisquare and it is to her relocated (Washington, DC) Ascendant and not her natal Ascendant.  This is similar to the Pluto semisquare Ascendant in the natal US chart and perhaps reflects her paeans to American Exceptionalism, most notably in her speech before the American Legion.  Saturn is making a trine to her Mars-Pluto conjunction.  Perhaps this will give restraint to her bellicose proclivities that are indicated by that conjunction and in that speech.  But here again neither Mars nor Pluto are considered personal planets.  Mercury has come to her Ascendant on election day, and Venus is opposite her Uranus  — perhaps this indicates change in fortunes for a woman.

On election day, Clinton has Jupiter conjunct her natal Neptune.  Apparent happiness is what Ebertin says about this combination.  Neptune tends to delude one about whatever it touches; it this case the good times promised by Jupiter is what is not seen clearly.  Perhaps she sees a victory but it is just an illusion.  Hand also suggests happiness (Jupiter) through seclusion (Neptune) for this conjunction.

I imagine whichever candidate loses there will be an awful lot of bloodletting going on.  As I write, the consensus of the chattering classes is the Clinton will win, and the loss by Trump will further weaken the Republican Party, but his loss is expected.  Her victory will assure the elite classes that their program for America is going swimmingly.  Conversely, if Clinton loses it should strike many Democratic leaders that perhaps they put their money on the wrong horse and perhaps they should change their ways.  Possible, but not likely.  They will consider that all those deplorables who voted for Trump  just didn’t like a woman.  Or perhaps it will be blamed on Putin interfering with the election.  Since every pundit has predicted a Clinton victory, her loss should provoke a major rethinking of America’s democracy.

Looking at the transits on Election Day, we see that Trump has hard aspects between Pluto and the Ascendant: Trump has a sesquiquadrate between Pluto and his Ascendant, with orb of 25 minutes. Pluto is stationary and right on his Ascendant for all of September and the first part of October and then it gets farther away though still by election day it is less than one half degree from exact.  Pluto Ascendant hard aspects can either be read as charisma — someone who is immediately noticed when he walks into the room — or increased bellicosity and a desire to control things.  Both seem to be playing out for Mr. Trump.

The Massacre in Paris

The attacks in Paris on Friday the thirteenth are  much in the news now, and, as I write this, it seems that the Islamic State is responsible for the attacks.  My favorite term for the IS, used by among others the Kurds, is fascist, since they seem to subscribe that  mindset rather than Islamic mindset.  It is not  clear what exactly will be the response  of the various countries to this attack, but  it will involve more violence.  As we saw after the September 11, 2001 attacks in the United states, after an atrocity, people do not think clearly but only want a immediate attack on who they think are the guilty parties.  It looks like that will also be the response after the Friday the thirteenth atrocity.

But of course, the French are more like the Americans and so deserve our sympathy and response more than, say, the recent attacks in Lebanon, also attributed to IS, because after all, those people killed are not “like us”. The Paris attacks are more deserving of grief than the recent downing of a Russian airplane, also due to IS, since the Russians are the official enemy of the West. It’s the difference between deserving and undeserving victims, of which there is a long history.

But there is much  context and history missing from most accounts of this incident, which really hinders a proper response.  This is certainly not unexpected.    Whenever a “terrorist” incident happens to a Western country, it appears to most people that this just came out of thin air, that “those” people just hate our freedoms, to quote  a previous president.  Because of this lack of any historical memory, these incidents will continue to happen and the responses will continue to be much the same.  It reminds one of any of the recent mass shooting incidents and the responses to them.  Most people, either conservative or liberal, react from scripts, which is certainly much easier that analyzing the situation and trying to understand why it happened.  Such a response also makes one safe from criticism or public shaming, thinking that you somehow sympathize with those others, those evildoers.  As a well-known communist agitator once said, it is easier to complain about the speck in someone else’s eye than to recognize  the spike in one’s own.  But at least “He” wasn’t a Muslim!



Eclipse on Spring Equinox

At the time of the Paris attacks, Mars was on the Cardinal axis, showing a connection between martial activities, like violence or gunfire, and the world as a whole, represented by the cardinal axis, and Mars also conjoins the North Node of the Moon.  This point was especially energized because of the total solar eclipse last March 20 at the Aries point.  Notice in the chart for this eclipse, set up against the chart for the fifth republic of France — October  4, 1958 — that both Mars and Uranus are on the Ascendant  of France, indicating sudden violence in the immediate environment.  Note that this eclipse was visible in most of the Middle East and Europe, but not in the Western Hemisphere.  In Paris, it was 80% visible.  The eclipse path went between Scotland and Iceland through the North Atlantic.  Also note that Mars and Saturn were sesquiquadrate at the time of the eclipse; besides Mars being conjunct the France Ascendant, it was also square the Moon of the Fifth Republic, and Saturn was sesquiquadrate that same Moon.



Paris Attack

If we now look at the chart of the actual event at 9:17 Friday evening Paris time, we see Mars near the Cardinal axis, thus activating the promise of that solar eclipse. In this chart, we see transiting Saturn square transiting Neptune, and both are making a sesquiquadrate to the natal moon, representing the people of France. Uranus is still at the Ascendant of the chart, suggesting unexpected events. And Pluto is square the sun of the chart, the will and character of France.

There are also, interestingly, two tight trines from the fastest moving planets: Sun trine Moon (orb 8 minutes) and Moon trine Uranus (orb 17 minutes).  Trines are not normally thought of as “bad aspects”; they are soft, considered easy or harmonious and not noticed; I prefer to think of the third harmonic aspect as covert or not obvious.  Unlike hard aspects, which force you to notice them, soft aspects are present but are not usually noticed without conscious effort.



Fourth Harmonic

The next chart shows the fourth harmonic of the event on the Fifth Republic. Here you can see how close the Pluto-Sun square (conjunction in the fourth harmonic) is and the Neptune-Saturn conjunction (square in first harmonic), which opposes (sesquiquadrate in first harmonic) the French Moon.



Event of Paris Attacks

Finally, we have the event chart itself.  The one thing that leaps out at is Mars at the Nadir opposite the Midheaven: violence at home threatens the foundation of society.

However, this is not the worst massacre in France since World War II, as some are proclaiming.  Back in the Sixties, on October 17, 1961, during the Algerian War between France and the citizens of its colony in North  Africa, Algeria, there was a large protest by Algerians in Paris.  At the time, the head of the French National Police was a  man by the name of Maurice Papon  (not to be confused with George Papoon, who was the Firesign Theatre [all four members had fire sun signs] candidate for President), who was a member of the Vichy government in occupied France during World War II.  Papon sent many Jews to their death during that period.  During a pro-Algerian demonstration in Paris on that date involving 30,000 demonstrators, police attacked the protesters, killing 200 and arresting thousands; the French government finally admitted to the killings in 1998, but only to 40 deaths.



Massacre of Algerians

In the chart for the event, against the Fifth Republic natal chart, we see a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction near the top of the chart; this was the beginning of the Sixties bi-decade.  Saturn is opposite the  Moon, indicating the suffering of the people, and there is a Mars-Neptune conjunction, which suggests the misguided or confused use of energy, of gunfire or violence, which was the case here.  This conjunction is very tight, a quarter degree and sextiles the natal Saturn, representing the forces of law and order, the French National Police, who did the shooting.  There is also a close trine as we’ve seen before between Pluto and the MC.  Uranus — change, sudden or unexpected events — is semisquare the natal Sun-Mercury conjunction, representing the government and media of the Fifth Republic.



Paris Commune Massacre

There was also another well-known massacre in Paris 90 years before that one as described in the recent book Massacre by John Merriman.  This involved the Paris Commune of 1871, which lasted only for two months and was brought to an end in what is called the Bloody Week, starting Sunday May 21, 1871.  The French police cracked down on the communards, and 20,000 of them were killed and many more arrested.  Here is a chart for the start of the Bloody Week. Two things stand out: the opposition between Saturn and Venus, which is the conflict between law and order and obeying the rules (Saturn) and justice (Venus).  We can see which side won.  There is also a trine between Mars, gunfire, and the Mercury-Pluto conjunction, the communication of radical socialist ideas, which is what the Paris Commune was about. It is interesting to note how often trines occur in the charts above.

Massacre in Paris

The latest example of retail terrorism in Paris has  inspired a huge wave of outrage and indignation.  Retail terrorism is what is know as “terrorism” in the United States and involves a small  group of perpetrators;  wholesale terrorism is that preformed by governments and is usually not recognized as terrorism except to those to whom it is applied.  The terms retail and wholesale terrorism are from Wharton economist Edward Herman, and were  dealt  with by Saint Augustine in Book IV of City of  God.  In there he describes an encounter between Alexander the Great and a pirate: Alexander asks the pirate how he can bear to molest the sea; the pirate replies indignantly “When I molest the sea they call me a pirate, but when you molest the whole world they call you an emperor.”

Shortly after this massacre there was a large march, one of the largest in French history, to show that people of that country and of the world would not stand for this  threat to freedom of speech, which was considered inviolable.  Many world leaders were present in the front row of the march to show how highly they valued the freedom to say anything no matter how controversial or offensive.  Other leaders spoke directly to support the marchers and freedom of speech, such as the leaders of Saudi Arabia —  where a  journalist is receiving 50 lashes a day for criticising the government, whose leader just died and President Obama made haste to Saudi Arabia to show his condolences  — and Egypt — which currently imprisons three journalists  for Al Jezeera, whom they consider to “pro-Muslim”,  and whose country gets one of the greatest shows of military support from the United States.  Leading the March was the President of France, a country that shortly thereafter imprisoned someone for “glorifying terrorism”.  This is a country where denying the Holocaust can result in a prison sentence.  France has a checkered history with Jews.  After Jewish people were allowed full freedoms during the French Revolution, and Catholics were not treated as highly as they had come to expect (several popes lived   in France for awhile), anti-Semitism arose again under the French, as  shown in the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890’s, where Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly accused of treason, and during World War II when France sent many Jews to Nazi death camps.  After the attack France cracked down of hate speech, speech glorifying terrorism, and anti-semitic speech.  I’m surprised no one’s head exploded at the contradictions.  It seems freedom of speech is only acceptable if a marginalize people is being attacked.  One wonders if offensive cartoons about black people  were published in a major magazine in the United States  if the Congress would support that publication, or if MSNBC and Fox would agree that that  was a good thing showing how expansive is the freedom Americans enjoys.

We have a fairly exact time for the attack and so we can do an exact chart; I don’t have a chart  for the founding of Paris so we will look at just the event chart.  The first chart is at the time of the event.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre

In this chart we see that the tightest aspect is Mars sextile Midheaven, suggesting something involving gunfire (Mars) will be noted by the world.  Also tight is Sun semisquare Saturn, suggesting disappointment or limitations.  Mars is opposite Jupiter by a wide orb, and suggests much (Jupiter) gunfire (Mars).  Sun is conjunct Pluto, suggesting Plutonian events on that day.  Another aspect is Moon sesquiquadrate the MC, suggesting that the  public will know what happened at that hour.  Finally, let us not forget that the overriding aspect of this period is the Uranus square Pluto — change, revolution.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre Fourth Harmonic

Let’s look at the fourth harmonic chart, which shows squares, opposition, and conjunctions as conjunctions.  The most prominent aspect is Sun opposite Saturn which is very tight.  This is the same as the semisquare between  those two planets we saw in the first harmonic chart.  We can see how wide that Mars-Jupiter opposition is by noticing that the conjunction of those two planets in the fourth harmonic chart is very wide, whereas the Uranus-Pluto conjunction (square in the first harmonic chart) is very tight.  We also  notice something not apparent in the first harmonic chart, a tight square between Pluto and the Ascendant.  This is an aspect of 67.5° in the first harmonic chart, a hard aspect.  Also notable is the Mercury-Mars square (extremely tight), perhaps gunfire at a newspaper office.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre Fourth Harmonic Midpoints

This final chart shows the midpoints in the fourth harmonic, which is the same as the traditional 90-degree dial used in German schools of astrology.  We see that Pluto is  at the midpoint of three pairs  of planets, and the midpoint Pluto = Mars/Jupiter is exact.  Ebertin says about this midpoint “a great loss”.  Another tight midpoint is Midheaven = Sun/Neptune for which Ebertin says  “A negative outlook”  which  is certainly something  we’ve seen in the  world after this  terrible event.

From looking at these three charts of the same moment, the overriding conclusion is that Pluto is by far the dominant planet.  This was indeed a Plutonian event, happening during an important Pluto aspect  and we can  expect other things to follow.

The 2008 Election

Below are four views of election day 2008 in the United States, but they all have a single message. That election will be remembered for all time as the one in which a black man (but interestingly one related to slaves only through his white mother) was elected President of a country whose founders were slave owners. But the campaign and election will also be remembered for other things, as discussed below, which may well set the standard for upcoming elections in the United States.


Obama on Election Day



Neptune on Obama’s Ascendant


The first chart is that of the winner of the election, Barak Obama, on election day. The most noticeable feature of this chart is Neptune prominently in the first house and near the Ascenant. Neptune was conjunct the Ascendant since Mr. Obama speech to the 2004 Democratic convention that first gave him prominence on the national stage. Neptune can be handled successfully but with difficulty by an individual, but collectively it usually turns out negatively. Neptune represents illusions, delusions, not seeing things clearly. Neptune on the Ascendant is great for actors since it allows them to easily pretend to be someone they are not, the hallmark of a good actor. With someone in the public eye, it allow the person to appear to be something that he is not. Obama himself described this in one of his campaign autobiographies, saying that people see in him whatever that think he is. Neptune in this position means exactly that. And in fact Mr. Obama got an award from Advertising Age as the best marketing campaign for 2008, beating out Apple that usually won. Neptune on the Ascendant definitely helped him win this award.

The second  chart, a graphical ephemeris of Mr. Obama from June of 2004 to June of 2009 (mistakenly labelled as 6 years) shows clearly that transiting Neptune was dancing around his Ascendant — near the bottom of the graph — during this   entire period.  By noticing how slowly Neptune move  — it appears to   move only 15º in five years — one can judge that it is near his Ascendant for all of his first term.  See also Definition section for Graphical Ephemeris for more details.


Comparison of USA & Obama

The third chart is a comparison of Mr. Obama’s chart (on the inside) and the chart of the United States (on the outside). Several things stand out. First we notice that the Obama Venus is conjunct the US Venus. Love at first sight! If this were two people they definitely should get together. Then Obama’s Uranus is opposite the Moon of the US. The people in the US see this person as being unconventional, maybe even revolutionary. Obama’s Mars is conjunct the US Neptune and square the US Mars. Remember that the tightest hard aspect in Obama’s chart is the Mars semisquare Neptune that now we see fits into the US Mars square Neptune. As mentioned before, Mars-Neptune hard aspects are difficult to maninifest positively. They tend to indicate poorly planned action, deception about violence. Obama fits right into the violence of the US. Obama’s Midheaven is sesquiquadrate the US Sun and his Ascendant is sesquiquadrate the US Venus. Here again are two more indicators that these two were meant to be together. A further indication, his Jupiter is trine the Midheaven of the US, his Sun is trine the Ascendant of the US, and is Venus is square the Midheaven of the US – Obama and the United States: a Match Made in Heaven!! Of course, as in all relationships, hate is the other side of love, and so there can be deep animosity in this relationship between Mr. Obama and the United States as well as love. And one more: his Satun is conjunct the Pluto of the US. We’ve talked about Saturn Pluto aspects before, and will talk some more later, but this does not bode well.



United States on Election Day


Neptune and the Moon of the United


The fourth chart is that of the United States on Election Day. Neptune is loosely conjunct with the Moon of the United States, and it will be drawing closer and going over the Moon over the next four years. In fact, for the 2012 elections Neptune was about the same distance from the Moon but on the other side of it, leaving orb. Here again we see Neptune, as was described above, effecting the people (the Moon represents the people of a country) of the United States. As I mentioned before, Neptune is very difficult to handle in a positive manner for individuals (spiritual adepts are an exception) but for a collective group of people – that is the citizens of the United – it is almost impossible to manifest positively. In its negative manifestation Neptune represents illusion, delusion, deception. The old Roman proverb qui vult decipi, dicipiatur is most appropriate: those who wish to be deceived, let them be deceived. The people of the United Stats were going through a period where they could not see things clearly, there was much denial. We could also see this in the increasing denial that humanity is causing climate change.


The fifth chart is another graphical ephemeris for the period September 2008 to September 2013, showing that Neptune flirted with  the Moon of the United States over all of this period.       We also   note that Uranus crossed the Aries point — the heavy black  horizontal line —  during this period.


Neptune on the Sun/Midheaven Midpoint

One final chart. This shows that on election day, and for a while thereafter, Neptune was at the midpoint of the US Sun and Midheaven. The Sun-Midheaven midpoint, written as Sun/MC (MC stands for Medium Coeli, Latin for middle of the sky) can be seen as the way the US is seen by the rest of the world. With Neptune there, the rest of the world can be deceived (witness the awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to Mr. Obama shortly after he took office) and many believed that the US was now something other than it once was under the previous administration.

Another issue was pointed out to me by Canadian astrologer Audra Stenger (yellowlotusarts.com). She points out that Obama accepted his nomination under a void-of-course moon. (The void of course moon concept, popularized by New York astrologer Al Morrison and used now by Oregon astrologer Jim Maynard in his calendars, is that period of time after the Moon makes its last ptolemic aspect and before it enters the next sign. It is suggested that events occurring in this period do not come to fruition. See write-up in any of Jim Maynard’s calendars for further details.) She writes of this:

Nothing has come of it. That is what a VOC moon means. I am being a bit existential, so I will elaborate: he has gone back on every single campaign promise and we might as well have kept George W. in office or elected a Republican (as Chomsky says- there is no real difference between the two parties. We really have a one party system here in the US).


Obama promised to end extraordinary rendition, close overseas blackop sites, gitmo, end the war in Iraq (never did say he would end the war in Afganistan- hum), end torture, he promised initially to give us Medicare for All, to end domestic spying. what we have instead is illegal drone wars in Yemen, Pakistan, and Somalia, troops just sent to Nicaragua, and troops in Australia. Additionally, he declared WikiLeaks an enemy of the state just as if Assange were Osama bin Laden.


So, I for one, existentially speaking, do not see really where the US is in a different place had a Republican like Sarah Palin been sworn in. At least we all knew she was a dumb as a box of hammers. Obama is a lawyer- he’s smart. To me, Obama is a perfect example of a VOC president. Nothing has come of his presidency that is any different than before, and every political analyst worth their salt agrees.


Change you can believe in was his slogan. Well, the more things change, the more things stay the same should be his second campaign slogan.


Blogs at the time of this election also reflected  this Neptunian theme: The terms used were “hopium”, Obama Derangement Syndrome (ODS)  and “drinking the Kool-Aid”. The latter was a reference to the massacre at Jonestown where the followers of Jim Jones drank Kool-Aid and Flavor Aid containing poison and died.