This blog attempts to lay out my finding of the interface between history and astrology.   After studying history for awhile, I continue to be amazed at the correlations between the motions  of planets and events on earth.  I feel that every historian should know astrology, but I realize the chances of that are exceedingly small.  Thus  I realized I had to study enough history to be able to lay out the connections.  I am more interested in the correlation with American history and astrology, partly because the history of America is smaller and more manageable, and partly because America has a definite birth date and  time.

For many astrologers, the recognition that the notorious decade know as the Sixties is well described by the planetary conjunction during that decade of Uranus and Pluto  indicates that there definitely is a connection.  That planetary configuration accurately describes what the Sixties were about.   The book Cosmos  and Psyche by Richard Tarnas goes into this connection and more in great detail and is highly recommended for anyone interested in this site.

The author of this site, beside writing the software mentioned in the Software section is also the programmer for the website astrology3d.com.  Anyone interested in astrological reports should  go to that site.  The program used for the images on this site, ipTime Capsule, allows you to view the motion of planets through time, but since I have not implemented the code to capture the output as a video, this site will  rely  on an image of a single moment in time.  This works for natal and event charts, but for events through time I  will use the graphical ephemeris (see Definitions)  to show a period of time.

In the charts for this blog, aspects are shown in several colors.  Hard aspects – squares (90°), semisquares (45°), sesquiquadrates (135°) — are shown by red lines, soft aspects — trines (120°) and sextiles (60°) — are shown in blue lines, and conjunctions (0°) and oppositions (180°)  are shown with yellow lines.      The width and opacity of the line indicates the  exactitude of the aspect, so that a very dark red square is   close to exact and a     light red square is not very tight.  Small ticks indicate where natal and transiting planets are on the zodical circle.  For conjunctions the tick gets longer as the conjunction gets more exact.  Note also that the natal planets are outside the zodical circle and transits, if shown, are inside the circle.

The title of this blog, the 500 Year Party,is  the title of a talk I’ve done.  Both parts will be elaborated at later dates in this blog.  Briefly, 500 years is the basic astrological cycle, and we’ve recently started a new cycle.  The previous one was a party that started out slow and became increasingly wild.   The party is over but we do not realize it yet.

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