Massacre in Paris

The latest example of retail terrorism in Paris has  inspired a huge wave of outrage and indignation.  Retail terrorism is what is know as “terrorism” in the United States and involves a small  group of perpetrators;  wholesale terrorism is that preformed by governments and is usually not recognized as terrorism except to those to whom it is applied.  The terms retail and wholesale terrorism are from Wharton economist Edward Herman, and were  dealt  with by Saint Augustine in Book IV of City of  God.  In there he describes an encounter between Alexander the Great and a pirate: Alexander asks the pirate how he can bear to molest the sea; the pirate replies indignantly “When I molest the sea they call me a pirate, but when you molest the whole world they call you an emperor.”

Shortly after this massacre there was a large march, one of the largest in French history, to show that people of that country and of the world would not stand for this  threat to freedom of speech, which was considered inviolable.  Many world leaders were present in the front row of the march to show how highly they valued the freedom to say anything no matter how controversial or offensive.  Other leaders spoke directly to support the marchers and freedom of speech, such as the leaders of Saudi Arabia —  where a  journalist is receiving 50 lashes a day for criticising the government, whose leader just died and President Obama made haste to Saudi Arabia to show his condolences  — and Egypt — which currently imprisons three journalists  for Al Jezeera, whom they consider to “pro-Muslim”,  and whose country gets one of the greatest shows of military support from the United States.  Leading the March was the President of France, a country that shortly thereafter imprisoned someone for “glorifying terrorism”.  This is a country where denying the Holocaust can result in a prison sentence.  France has a checkered history with Jews.  After Jewish people were allowed full freedoms during the French Revolution, and Catholics were not treated as highly as they had come to expect (several popes lived   in France for awhile), anti-Semitism arose again under the French, as  shown in the Dreyfus Affair of the 1890’s, where Alfred Dreyfus was wrongly accused of treason, and during World War II when France sent many Jews to Nazi death camps.  After the attack France cracked down of hate speech, speech glorifying terrorism, and anti-semitic speech.  I’m surprised no one’s head exploded at the contradictions.  It seems freedom of speech is only acceptable if a marginalize people is being attacked.  One wonders if offensive cartoons about black people  were published in a major magazine in the United States  if the Congress would support that publication, or if MSNBC and Fox would agree that that  was a good thing showing how expansive is the freedom Americans enjoys.

We have a fairly exact time for the attack and so we can do an exact chart; I don’t have a chart  for the founding of Paris so we will look at just the event chart.  The first chart is at the time of the event.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre

In this chart we see that the tightest aspect is Mars sextile Midheaven, suggesting something involving gunfire (Mars) will be noted by the world.  Also tight is Sun semisquare Saturn, suggesting disappointment or limitations.  Mars is opposite Jupiter by a wide orb, and suggests much (Jupiter) gunfire (Mars).  Sun is conjunct Pluto, suggesting Plutonian events on that day.  Another aspect is Moon sesquiquadrate the MC, suggesting that the  public will know what happened at that hour.  Finally, let us not forget that the overriding aspect of this period is the Uranus square Pluto — change, revolution.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre Fourth Harmonic

Let’s look at the fourth harmonic chart, which shows squares, opposition, and conjunctions as conjunctions.  The most prominent aspect is Sun opposite Saturn which is very tight.  This is the same as the semisquare between  those two planets we saw in the first harmonic chart.  We can see how wide that Mars-Jupiter opposition is by noticing that the conjunction of those two planets in the fourth harmonic chart is very wide, whereas the Uranus-Pluto conjunction (square in the first harmonic chart) is very tight.  We also  notice something not apparent in the first harmonic chart, a tight square between Pluto and the Ascendant.  This is an aspect of 67.5° in the first harmonic chart, a hard aspect.  Also notable is the Mercury-Mars square (extremely tight), perhaps gunfire at a newspaper office.


Charlie Hebdo Massacre Fourth Harmonic Midpoints

This final chart shows the midpoints in the fourth harmonic, which is the same as the traditional 90-degree dial used in German schools of astrology.  We see that Pluto is  at the midpoint of three pairs  of planets, and the midpoint Pluto = Mars/Jupiter is exact.  Ebertin says about this midpoint “a great loss”.  Another tight midpoint is Midheaven = Sun/Neptune for which Ebertin says  “A negative outlook”  which  is certainly something  we’ve seen in the  world after this  terrible event.

From looking at these three charts of the same moment, the overriding conclusion is that Pluto is by far the dominant planet.  This was indeed a Plutonian event, happening during an important Pluto aspect  and we can  expect other things to follow.

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