Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler has great name recognition, one of the best of the Twentieth Century.    He has become the epitome of evil, as well as the man by which evil is judged.  Even young, ignorant, wannabe Neo-Nazis knows the name Adolf Hitler.  Recently Hillary Clinton, among others, has compared Vladimir Putin to Hitler, and in the past Saddam Hussein has been compared to Hitler.  These are extremely hyperbolic utterances; I would expect people to be more precise,  Perhaps they could say Putin is only half a Hitler.  I mean, it is hard to live up to Hitler’s reputation.

The mother of the astrologer Reinhold Ebertin  was thrown into prison  when an interpretation she made was not suitable to the Fuhrer.  Supposedly the British used astrologers to send  bad predictions into Germany, thus throwing them off.  Hitler had  the personal astrologer Karl Krafft  — you can find discussion of this on the Web.  Thus Hitler and the Third Reich were aware of astrology, and there was an active  astrological presence in pre-war Germany.  So it seems only fitting to look at the astrology of Adolf Hitler.

Below is Hitler’s birth chart.  For such a monster as Hitler, one would think that he would have an extraordinary chart.  There should be something that indicates  that he is evil.  Certainly his chart should have something outstanding.  For someone as major and evil as Hitler I would expect at least a prominent Pluto, and it should aspect at least one of the personnel points Sun, Moon, Ascendant or Midheaven.



When we look at the chart we see a Taurus Sun and Capricorn Moon.  Grounded, down to earth, practical. He has Pluto sesquiquadrate Uranus, which all born at about that time have, and Pluto conjunct Neptune.  We’ve recently talked about that conjunction in the Birth of the Twentieth Century, and thus Hitler can be seen as a Twentieth-Century Man.     Perhaps the Uranus-Pluto aspect indicates that  Hitler is some type of retrograde hippie, and it is known that he tried peyote and was interested in esoteric studies.  He has a Moon-Jupiter conjunction sextile the Ascendant. Of Moon and Jupiter Ebertin says happiness, kindness, a good heart.   I hear he was good with children.  Then there’s Saturn conjunct Midheaven; perhaps he was overly serious, a hard worker, and had trouble advancing it his career.  I understand he wasn’t that successful as a painter.
The most interesting aspect is a  tight conjunction of Venus and Mars, and both are retrograde.  These  are the  two planets least often retrograde.  I’ve read that a young Hitler once stumbled upon his parents (the father was much older than the mother) making love, and that Hitler and Eva had some non-conventional sex habits, but still unless you are a full-blown Freudian, it is hard to make the case that this conjunction results in the Hitler we know.

Another book, (Geoffrey Dean, et al Recent Advances in Natal Astrology)  claims that Hitler’s character is shown by the large number of unaspected planets, though what these  planets are is  unclear unless extremely tight orbs are used.

Some might attribute Hitler’s evil ways to PLuto on the cusp of Hitler’s Eight House, probably the most notorious house that rules death and other people’s money.  But of course that depends on the house system (Koch in this case) and is a pretty thin  reed to base his personality on.

Or maybe there are some unknown planets or asteroids that account for  his notorious ways.  I looked at the eight Uranian planets, originated in a German astrology  group called the Hamburg School,  but Saturn-Appollon and Zeus opposite Moon describe Hitler but only show him to be a cheerful and creative  teacher.

Repeating, none of these standard astrological techniques  suggest that Hitler was Hitler.  Perhaps astrology does not work, perhaps  Hitler  was so beyond our Universe that astrology did not apply to him.  I’m sure there are plenty of excuses, or esoteric interpretations.    But looking at this chart does not indicate anything special, and if you have to depend on some esoteric technique to prove that Hitler was Hitler,   you’ve already lost the argument.

Then lets look at the fourth harmonic chart. A pattern of hard aspects (red lines) jumps out at us immediately.  There is a kite formation with the axis of the kite defined by the Uranus-Pluto opposition (which is a  sesquiquadrate in th first harmonic chart).  It appears that the arrow of this formation points to Pluto, obviously as the important planet.  And the Sun is part of the formation.  Also notice that all the lines are darker red, indicating close aspects.  In fact, looking at the list of sorted relative orbs at the bottom of the chart indicates that all the aspects in the formation are of orb under 50% of maximum.  And we know that all these aspects have a tight orb even in the first harmonic.  See the discussion of Harmonics under the Definitions section for more explanation.  It’s a complex formation, hard to interpret, but the chart is dominated by Pluto.


Hitler — Fourth Harmonic

There are also trines between Pluto and Midheaven and Neptune and Sun.  The Pluto-Midheaven trine is the sextile between those two points in the first harmonic, and the Neptune trine aspects is a quinqunx in the first harmonic.  A quinqunx suggests an incompatibility between the two principles involved; in this case Hitler had trouble between his will (the Leni Reifenstahl movie about Hitler is called Triumph of the Will) and reality.  And the Pluto-Midheaven sextile shows that Pluto not only is involved with the Sun, but also with the Midheaven, two personal points.  This is indeed a Pluto dominated chart.

The lesson I gained  from  this is  that even though it may not be obvious, a chart can contain important aspects that are hidden.  The fourth harmonic is the most useful for seeing these “hidden” aspects.  I want to stress that these hard aspects shown in the fourth harmonic chart are all valid, with very small   orbs, and would appear in the regular first harmonic chart if   we bothered   to show  them.  For example, the    hard  aspect between Hitler’s Sun and Pluto is actually an angle of 33 degrees 45 minutes (which  could be called a demi-semi-octile) with an orb just under 5 minutes, which is the equivalent of a   square with orb of 40 minutes.

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