Election 2014

Since everyone else is weighing in on the upcoming election in the United States in November, I thought I might as well too, using the lens of astrology. There appear to be two contradictory messages from the election day chart; I think it should be a very interesting election.


Pluto-Uranus on US Sun

The major thing that colors this whole period is shown in the first chart, a graphical ephemeris for 2012 the 2017. It shows the transiting Pluto going back and forth over the natal Sun (yellow dashed horizontal line near the top) of the United States. The last time this happened was before the US birth, that is before the Declaration of Independence. This was a time about 1766 to 1771 when the British were trying to get money from the colonists through such measures as th Townsend Act (1767) and the Stamp Act (1765) that led to such things as the Boston Massacre (March 1770) and ultimately to the American Revolution, as shown in the second chart.


Before the Revolutionary War – Pluto opposite Sun of US

While I am not suggesting that there will be another American revolution, I am saying there wlll be a lot of animosity towards those institutions represented by the Sun. When the country was a colony of England, the Sun represented the King of England and the British government. Now that the US has “self-rule” the Sun represents the President and the government. And right now, those institutions are not very popular with the people, as many polls show. I saw recently that the imaginary character Darth Vader is more popular than any potential or real President, as well as the Congress.


The election chart is set for election day, but I chose the time of 12:29 since at that time the transiting Moon is exactly conjunct transiting Uranus (black arrow), suggesting a time of upset or of “revolution”.

In this chart not only is Pluto opposite the US Sun (green arrow), but Pluto is conjunct transiting Mars (red arrow), which is opposite the US Jupiter. Pluto Mars conjunctions are connected with, to put it mildly, extreme anger. This conjunction will be building up in the week following the election.

Of course, there is the transiting Uranus square transiting Pluto which has been going on for several years now; this aspect has marked this as a decade of upset, unrest, and violence, and you can see it in the daily headlines from Iraq to Israel to Ukraine and of course in the US to a lesser extent.

And since Pluto is opposite the Sun then we have Uranus square the Sun (blue arrow), putting even more pressure on the central government. But notice the both Uranus and Pluto are semisquare the Moon (yellow, aqua arrows) of the United States, and also, self evidently, the Moon is at the Midpoint of Uranus/Pluto. We have a whole lot of Uranus Pluto happening. This suggests sudden revolt. People are angry at what has been done to them by forces beyond their control, and here is a chance for them to express that anger. In the United States people don’t so much vote for a candidate as vote against a candidate by voting for the other candidate, and in the two-party system of the United States, this leaves few choices.

To further suggest the rebellious nature of the election, the Moon-Uranus conjunction is trine the Ascendant and opposite the natal Saturn. Saturn and Uranus have two opposing principles: Saturn represents conformity and the safe path, while Uranus represents rebellion and the more risky path. Thus the opposition is conflict between the old and the new. When these two planets/principles are opposed in the sky, we get conflict between rebellion and safety. Two examples: this opposition happened in 1919 when the Palmer raids (fighting Quaker Attorney General Mitchell Palmer) started. This period in the United States is often called the First Red Scare; just after World War I there was a series of bombing supposedly by foreign anarchists, there were a lot of deportation, such as Emma Goldman, the Sacco-Vanzetti event and trial occurred, and Eugene Debs, who was jailed under the Espionage Act (yes, the same one being used today to jail whistle-blowers) ran for President from his cell. Another example was the “Credibility gap” of 1966 where many voters got upset with the current President Lyndon Johnson and the true depth of the Vietnam war was realized. Based on these ideas, I’m guessing that this opposition, even though one planet is natal, will be similar. We already have a new “Red Scare”; even though the Communist party does not rule in Russia these days we have their leader – Vladimir Putin – which we can demonize as much, and possibly more, that any of the former leaders of the Soviet Union.

But then there is another theme shown in this chart. There is a transiting Sun-Venus (white arrow) conjunction, which is not bad at all, trine the natal Sun, and the transiting Mercury square (brown arrow) the natal Mercury and sesquiquadrate (crimson arrow) the natal Uranus. In the entry about the Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court ruling, we said that the Mercury semisquare Uranus is part of a very pervasive belief that the US is a innovative, revolutionary country, and we showed how Neptune, at the same place Mercury is in this chart, accentuated that belief. The presence of Mercury for the elections in the same place as Neptune for the Supreme Court decision suggests that that this elections will also be about reaffirming the essential progressive nature of the US.

Thus there are two, very different themes expressed in this chart for the US election on November 4, 2014. One suggests rebellion and the other suggests that American is an exceptional country. Again, I think that the election will be interesting. One way of combining the two themes that I thought of is that America will be rebellious in this election, there will be some upsets, but finally people will conclude that this behavior shows that America is still a rebellious country, and this election shows the best in America, though the initial take will not be that generous.

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