This year seems to be shaping up as a big one for anniversaries ending in zero, and we haven’t even reached to big one this summer. This June has witnessed the seventieth anniversary of the landing of allied troops at Normandy Beach, hastening the end of World War II. This landing started at 6:30 in the morning (time zone two hours East of Greenwich) of June 6, 1944. I really didn’t expect from from looking at the chart of this event, but the most interesting thing was when it was compared to the chart of the United States.

D-Day represented the culmination of long planning for opening a second front in Europe that had been demanded by Stalin years before, since the Soviets were baring the brunt of German war machine. There was an aerial bombardment of the coast earlier in the morning, but the invasion of joint forces from many European and North American countries is considered the D-Day invasion which was recently celebrated. The codename for this was Operation Neptune, and there have been several book published recently with that title. And there are movies about D-Day, the most famous of which is Saving Private Ryan.


D-Day  Event Chart

D-Day Event Chart


This first chart shows the D-Day event at 6:30. You can notice that this is a Full Moon, with the exact Full Moon about 9 hours later. The Full Moon suggests the culmination of some process. In this case it was the culmination of a long process of planning. You can see that the Moon has set and the Sun has just risen, as makes sense at 6:30 in the morning close to the Summer Solstice. There are two conjunction that are noticeable The first one is Mars conjunct Pluto. This conjunction can be read as superhuman strength or brutality. Certainly superhuman strength was needed in the D-Day landing, which taxed the strength of about 150,000 men, half of which were Americans. But not only was great strength needed on the day of the landing, but also much planning which took place before the day; this was necessary to assure a successful invasion. The tightest conjunction ā€“ about a quarter of a degree ā€“ is Venus and Uranus. At first this did not seem fitting, suggesting sudden love affairs and such. But that is on a personal level. It also suggests dancing and rhythm. In this case the conjunction implies that a great deal of planning and even rehearsal for many months before the final assault. In a way it was like a vary elaborate dance whose moves were planned out well in advance of the exact occasion. This was most necessary.

Then notice that the Moon is almost exactly opposite this Venus-Uranus conjunction. This was the timing indicator, since the Moon travels so fast this tight aspect only last a few hours. It was approaching so it would be exact in another four hours, just as the invasion was reaching it high point.

Another thing to notice is the planet Jupiter down by the IC and opposite the Midheaven. This indicates good luck, fortune at the base of the project, which was the Allied assault at Normandy Beach, and which they certainly needed.

D-Day Sixth Harmonic

D-Day Sixth Harmonic


But there is something else, which we can see most clearly in the sixth harmonic chart of the event. In this we see a wide conjunction of Pluto, Mars, Uranus, Venus, and the Moon, with the three center planets being the tightest. This represents the Mars-Pluto sextile the Venus-Uranus and trine the Moon. All five of these planets which we have talked about were involved in one aspect complex.


D-Day and USA

D-Day and USA


Finally let us look at these planets within the chart of the United States, since the Americans made a large fraction of the soldiers in the invasion. For the United states, which was on Eastern War Time for the D-Day landings, the time was six hours earlier. Notice that the Venus-Uranus conjunction is on the Uranus of the United States and the Mars-Pluto conjunction is on the node of the United States. The United States is definitely connected to this event. Finally notice that the planet Neptune is on the MC of the US. Not only that, but Neptune is opposite the Aries point at about 1 and a half degrees of Libra.; anything connected with the Aries point is connected to the World, since the Aries point is common to the World. That is most appropriate for an operation code-named Neptune. For the United States, the Full Moon has just risen and it is illuminating the chart.


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