Wars of America — Part II

In part I we looked at the three wars that divide American history into convenient and appropriate sections: The Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II, and found that these three wars came at intervals of about 84 years, one Uranus cycle. In each case, at some point Uranus was opposite the Ascendant, and thus conjunct the Descendant, of the United States chart. Also during the war, Neptune was either conjunct or opposite the Midheaven of the United States. This may or may not be because Neptune has almost exactly double the period of Uranus and so when Uranus moves around the zodiac once Neptune moves half-way around the zodiac.


King William’s War

The next thing to do is look at the periods 84 and 168 years before the Revolutionary War, when Uranus was also conjunct the Descendant of the United States. The first time was 1693, when the United States was still a colony of England. At this time there was an ongoing conflict between England and France, who at the time controlled Canada. Part of this conflict took place in North America, and the American colonists were involved on, of course, the side of Britain. What was taking place at the time was the first of three wars which are referred to in high school history books as the French and Indian Wars. This first one was called, in America, King William’s War, for the current king of England, who was imported from the Netherlands, along with his wife, because the British did not want a Catholic king, who had been King James II, who was replaced in the Glorious Revolution. This war, as all the French and Indian wars, was essentially between the French and the English. The war started in 1689 and ended by treaty in 1697, only to be followed in another five years by another war.


King William’s War


In the first chart for July 9, 1693 Uranus has just come to the Descendant of the United States. It also makes a sesquiqadrate to Pluto, again accentuating the Pluto semisquare Ascendant in the natal chart, which is involved in US wars. The second chart for this particular war is for June 2, 1697 where Neptune comes to the IC of the United States. Again we see the pattern that we saw in the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II repeated. But this war is smaller even than the Revolutionary War.



Starving Time



After the Starving Time

Let’s look 84 years further back. There was only one colony on what would become the United States, at Jamestown. An earlier colony in the Carolinas had disappeared. This colony at Jamestown had been founded on May 14, 1607 but for food they either traded with the Indians or relied on shipments from England. The Winter of 1609-10 was extremely hard, and almost 90% of the colonists died. Domestic animals were killed for food, and some cannibalism took place, as a recent New York Times story tells a about an current archaeological discovery. A fleet from England did finally come, but it had only more colonists and not food. In the summer of 1610 (July 7) as they sailed away another ship with supplies came and they returned to the colony, which then was firmly established. This was the first crisis of America. If we look at chart for November 24, 1609, that winter of the Starving Time, as it has come to be called, we see that Uranus is on the Descendant of the United States, as it was in the previous four charts. However, looking at the next chart for November 24, 1614, when Neptune first came to the Midheaven, we see that it is a full five year after the crisis, and so this does not seem to fit the pattern. Of course, in this example the crisis only lasted a few months, not nearly as long as the others did.



Eleven Years in the Future


A Future War?

What we have seen is five crises, starting at the birth of the colony at Jamestown and occurring every 84 years with increasing death, violence, and geographical spread happening to the United States. The obvious question is when will this patten happen next. As it tuns out, the next time Uranus comes to the Descendant of the United States is in less than 15 years, as we can see by this last chart, for July 17, 2028. One would expect another war, even bigger than World War II. Several possibilities: Aliens from outer space will invade and the nations of the world will band together to fight them. A bit fanciful, then perhaps it will be an asteroid that will be expected to hit the earth and the nations of the world will band together to fight it. Or perhaps it will be a world wide fight between th 1% and the 99% since inequality has become so much worse than it is now. Or perhaps the final collapse of the ecosystems of the world. But since I’m an optimist (Jupiter conjunct Sun) my best guess is that the nations of the world will finally decide that the global crises are so ominous that they need to band together in a World War II-scale attempt to fight for the survival of the planet. Of course it should have been done in the 1980s. There is much more that needs to be said about this period, one of the most important of at least the 21st Century, but we need to have more background. If this is the type of crises we will face in another dozen years, it suggests that many things will happen between now and then to make the countries of the world think that that type of world wide response is finally necessary. We will look for signs of that in future entries.



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