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I wonder if people have actually looked at Mr. Obama’s chart — there are some obvious things which highlight his behavior.  In the chart below I have sorted  his aspects by something I call relative orbs.     The relative orb is the actual orb divided by the maximum orb.  I use harmonic orbs with the maximum orb for a conjunction 12 degrees, for an opposition 6 degrees, for a trine 4 degrees, for a square 3 degrees and so forth.  A relative orb of 0 means the aspect is exact, thus powerful and a relative orb of 1 means that the aspect is at maximum orb, thus weak.

Natal Chart

Natal Chart

When you look at Mr. Obama’s aspects, the first thing to notice is how few tight aspects he has.  I  would say (uncharitably) that this indicates a lack of any deep principles.  If we look at the tightest aspect it is Mercury opposite Jupiter. As would be suggested by the sign rulerships of these two planets — Mercury of Gemini and Jupiter of Sagittarius —  this aspect leads to a wealth of ideas, an enthusiastic way of speaking, and a positive delivery of  thoughts. One would expect a person with such an aspect to be extremely good at making speeches, able to convey many ideas.  A president Mr. Obama is often compared to, John F. Kennedy, had a Mercury Jupiter conjunction.  In Kennedy’s case,there was also a Mars in the conjunction, adding a note of “vigaah” as he was wont to say.  In sum, Mercury-Jupiter allows you to speak with enthusiasm.

The strength and ability of this aspect is increased by the position of the moon, which shows Obama’s connection with the public, important for the President of the United States.  His Moon is in Gemini, also emphasising his ability as a speaker, and sextiles Mercury and trines Jupiter.  The enthusiastic use of his thoughts — indicated by the opposition — is forcefully directed to the public — indicated by the moon — and he is able to conveys his thoughts (Mercury) as truly heartfelt (Moon).

But the second tightest aspect, and the only other one that is less 50% maximum is Jupiter conjunct Saturn.  After Jupiter comes up with big and visionary ideas, the kind Jupiter is so good at, and  these ideas are expressed to the masses through Mercury, then Saturn comes along and pours cold water on the big ideas of Jupiter.  Saturn represents authority, and it reminds Mr. Obama that the authorities (which in present day America are the bosses of corporations and banks and the Pentagon)  do not like his big ideas.  He becomes vary cautious.  With that strong Jupiter Saturn conjunction, we will always see the same behavior, he’ll express something sounding good, and then at the next instant he will fail to do anything to bring it about.  I would contend that he was  hired to give good speeches and sparkle for the public, truly an anodyne.

Another thing to notice about Mr. Obama’s chart. The tightest hard aspect — usually square, sometimes semisquare or sesquiquadrate if there is no square  — indicates what motivates the person.  Hard aspects are impossible to ignore, they are like a sore tooth.  Obama has no squares, and in fact the only hard aspect visible is the Mars semisquare Neptune. Hard aspect between Mars and Neptune are difficult  — Mars is fire and Neptune is water and when you combine the two you either get steam or the fire is put out.   There is a prominent Mars square Neptune in the chart of the United States, which describes our relationship with the use of violence, but that is a story for another time.  In this case it shows that somehow Mr. Obama and the United States are on the same  wavelength, so far as the use of violence is concerned.  This is good for his being a representative president of the country, but certainly not one to challenge the use of violence.  In fact, he is likely to be a popular proponent of that, as can be seen in his “I Have a Drone” speeches.  This aspect suggests the titles of his two books:  The Audacity (Mars) of Hope (Neptune) and Dreams (Neptune) From My Father (Mars).  As I suggested, the hard aspect between these two planets is difficult to manifest positively.  Positively, it indicates the desire to help others who may not be as fortunate as oneself.  But more likely it will manifest itself as misdirected energies, bad or incomplete actions, self-deception about one’s goals and purposes.


If we look at Mr. Obama’s fourth harmonic chart (90-degree dial) we see that Saturn is very prominent with hard aspects to both the Ascendant and the Midheaven.  This further emphasizes the importance of Saturn, and further suggest the basically conservative nature of Mr. Obama.  Notice the very tight Saturn Uranus trine in this  — it is almost exact with a relative orb of 0.06.  This represents an inconjunct in the first harmonic chart, also with the same relative orb.  The traditional interpretation of an inconjunct between Saturn and Uranus is  that the principles represented by these two planets — Saturn, conservatism writ large — and Uranus, which is the radical principle,  have  nothing in common.  As said, Saturn is very strong in Mr. Obama’s chart, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with the radical Uranus, despite what many on the left would believe.

Two other things I would note about this chart indicate his strong — both positively and negatively — effect on the American people.  First notice that his Venus at 1 Cancer is conjoined the Venus of the United States at 3 Cancer.  If these were two people, you could suggest there would be mutual love, perhaps they could even get married. The other factor I have touched on before, it is the Moon in Mr. Obama’s chart aspecting both Mercury and Jupiter.  But it is also opposite the Midheaven of his chart, representing his public — and for a President this is especially important.  This indicates he has an important, special connection with the public.  In  president’s charts, the planet in closest aspect to the Midheaven seems to indicate what will be remembered for.  With the previous president, George W. Bush, this planet is Mars in a hard aspect to the Midheaven, and indeed Bush is most remembered for the two wars, which of course are very martial, that he started.   With Mr. Obama and his Moon connection with the Midheaven, this suggests that he will be remembered for his connection to the people of the United States.  Remember that “connection” does not mean positive — love — or negative — hate, but just rather that the connection is strong and he will be remembered for it.

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