Then and Now

The transit of Pluto to the natal Mercury of the United States by opposition is a decisive transit that happened several times during during 2020 and 2021 with the final transit being a stationary direct opposition in the fall of this year. The exact transits are on 2-27-2020, 6-25-2020, and 1-1-2021, and while the stationary direct transit of Pluto to Mercury is not exact, it is within eight minutes of exact and since it is stationary, I expect this will see the final manifestation of the Pluto-Mercury opposition that has been building all last year. Looking at the previous conjunctions and oppositions of transiting Pluto to natal Mercury will provide some ideas of what might happen in the future.

Pluto conjunct Mercury

The conjunction of transiting Pluto to the natal Mercury happened only once in the lifetime of the country since Pluto takes so long to revolve around the Sun. These conjunctions were on 9-2-1933, 12-19-1933, and 7-13-1934. What happened at that time was that Franklin Roosevelt had just been elected (November 1932) and inaugurated (March 1933) as a President to a country that had suffered several years of the Great Depression, and strong revolutionary activity had begun among such organizations and people as the Communist Party, Huey Long, and Father Coughlin. This was the low point of the Depression: the banking system was near to collapse, unemployment was high, and exports had vanished. The Japanese had just invaded China and Hitler had recently assumed power in Germany, so the world situation was looking dire and the potential for a world war was becoming more obvious. Then came Roosevelt’s famous 100 days shortly before the first exact conjunction. Roosevelt had saved capitalism from itself in the worst crisis since the founding of the country, and the activity started at this time played out during the rest of the decade even though the Great Depression wasn’t totally over until America entered World War II in 1942.

Pluto Opposite Mercury

The previous opposition between these two planets occurred before the Declaration of Independence was signed, which marked the official birth of the country. These three oppositions were on 2-28-1774, 6-24-1774, and 1-3-1775. This period saw several famous events in American history as well as some not so well known: The Boston Tea Party was on 12-16-1773 and the Battle of Lexington and Concord, considered the opening battle of the American Revolution, occurred on April 18 and 19, 1775. Thomas Paine, whose writings were so influential in the Revolution, moved to America from Great Britain on 11-30-1774. The first Continental Congress, where people from several states could gather together and air their grievance with Great Britain, was convened on 9-5-1774. This period was so eventful that a book was written just about that year: 1774: The Long Year of the Revolution by Mary Beth Norton.

Pluto Opposite Mercury

The three oppositions of Pluto to natal Mercury in 2020 followed by a stationary direct very close opposition reflect the Pluto return for the United States exactly one year later. In that case, there are three exact conjunctions with the natal Pluto in 2022, with the last one being at the end of the year, followed by a stationary direct conjunction within twenty minutes in the Fall of 2023, when again, the five outer planets are retrograde just as they are now. It is almost as if the Pluto opposition to Mercury is a preview for the actual Pluto return.

Final Exact Pluto Opposite Mercury

The manifestation of Pluto to Mercury seems to be a warm-up to what will be the decisive act that will play out later when Pluto is conjunct/opposite its natal position. The first time this happened was when the transiting Pluto was in fact natal Pluto of the United States on July 4, 1776. This was indeed the birth of something new, that being the United States; the Declaration was the significator of that birth. Pluto was opposite the natal Pluto on 6/22/1937, 1/22/1937, and 8/10/1988 when the New Deal of FDR had performed as much as it could, so much so that some things were pulled back, resulting in what is called the Roosevelt Depression of 1938.

In mundane charts such as the one of the United States, Mercury represents the means of communications; when the nation was founded, this referred to newspapers; these days the world of communications has expanded to include many technologies that did not exist in the Eighteenth Century. These include radio, television, and the Internet, which allow audio and video productions to be seen from anyplace with a connection. But Mercury refers to more than just those methods of communications. It also signifies the narrative projected by those means of communication. The Australian blogger Caitlin Johnstone has written many blogs about the power of narrative, saying that who controls the narrative controls the world. Also related, the book Manufacturing Consent by Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky describe how this narrative is formed by the manufacturing of consent (a term from 20th Century journalist Walter Lippmann) with the involvement of Mercury.

An example of a recent prominent narrative, one which has dominated the first two decades of this century, has been that of the noble crusade to save the women of Afghanistan and bring democracy to that land. Just recently this narrative has seen some exposure of its dark underbelly with the final withdrawal of America from that country. This withdrawal indicates how little there is to show for this noble effort after twenty years. One can only say: another one bites the dust.

Pluto Stationary Opposite Mercury

In our current situation, the main narrative seems to be about this fearsome virus that threatens the world, and it can only be controlled by a magical potion from our noble pharmaceutical companies. That narrative is supported by the government and almost all of the media, whether newspapers, radio, television, or the Internet. Over the last year and a half, just as Pluto has been moving opposite the narrative-representing Mercury, this narrative has been attacked by people called ‘anti-vaxxers’. As this transit has happened, the media has become less trustworthy according to polls. A recent survey shows that American’s trust of the media is the lowest of 46 countries, ranking at only 29%, but not really much has happened in response to this mistrust of media except for much grumbling by people.

All this pent-up discontent will finally be revealed this fall and winter with the final opposition of Pluto stationary to natal Mercury. There is anger in the country that has been brewing during the last 18 months, and it will eventually come out. On the physical level, perhaps a President will issue a mandate that inflames people thus bringing long-simmering tensions to a boil.

In cases like this, when seen in hindsight, these Mercury-Pluto events set the stage for what will develop later, but no one really knows what the outcome will be.

Another transit occurring at the same time, visible in the graphical ephemeris above, is the square of Saturn and Uranus. The opposition of these two slow moving planets was described previously in a post about the year 1919. The two principles represented by these planets are the conservative, standard narrative versus something new or different — orthodox versus unconventional. In the “Red Summer” of 1919, we saw bloodshed and conflict between orthodoxy and dissent, shown most clearly by Attorney General Mitchell Palmer and his fight against suspected Communists and anarchists in the country, though much more did happen under that opposition. I would expect this transit will add more weight to the Pluto-Mercury opposition discussed above, which will become clear by next year.

With a Side of Uranus and Pluto

While Neptune is very important for its prominence at Zero Aries, both Uranus and Pluto are also prominent, each being sextile to aforementioned Neptune and in fact, trine one another. This is the opening trine of those two planets whose conjunction defined the decade called the Sixties, and a trine is a very positive but soft aspect. While hard aspects like the square are overt and demand attention, soft aspects are covert. That means that while the the Uranus-Pluto energies will be dominant in this decade, people will have to work to see them manifested since the trine is, unlike hard aspects, not visible at first glance.

Uranus Neptune Pluto

This aspect configuration will be more noticeable as the decade moves on in 2025 and later with Neptune at the midpoint of the Uranus-Pluto trine and will be seen to mediate between those two planets. What this will mean can more clearly be seen by looking at the symbolic representation of the planets Uranus and Pluto. Not only do we have the midpoint configuration discussed previously in a series called Zeitgeist Changes but also what is called a mini-grand trine, both involving these three outer planets.

The mere shaping and positions of planets can often provide an important insight into the chart without even considering signs, houses, aspects, or planets. For example, once someone unfamiliar with astrology saw my chart, and they immediately wondered why all the planets were on one side of the chart. The astrologer Marc Edmund Jones conceived of seven planetary patterns that describe the general tenor of the chart, and one of those fits my chart. These planetary patterns are so famous that for his 90th birthday, Jones was presented with a birthday cake covered with those patterns in frosting. Locations of prominent planets can also tell a story. In the chart of United States, the position of Uranus at the Descendant can be seen as representing the frontier as described by historian Frederick Jackson Turner in his famous “Frontier Thesis”. Turner said: “At the frontier, the bounds of custom are broken and unrestraint is triumphant.” There are even physical manifestations of astrological configurations. The Statue of Liberty is a Uranian figure and the Port of New York, where the outer world meets the country, acts as the Descendant of the United States, so the placement of that monument is the physical manifestation of Uranus on the Descendant. Similarly, Neptune at the Midheaven is a reflection of the eye at the top of the pyramid (and all its esoteric meanings) on the back of a dollar bill, and for this decade, we will see a powerful example of the positions of the outer planets suggesting the major conflict of this decade. These positions apply to the whole world and not just the United States.

Uranus Neptune Pluto Within US

In this astrological configuration involving the three outer planets as seen in the above charts, one can think of a teeter-totter or seesaw with Uranus on one end of the teeter-totter and Pluto on the other end, each one trying to be dominant. The fulcrum of the seesaw is Neptune with all the symbolic meanings we discussed previously; how those issues play out in the upcoming decade will help determine which end of the seesaw becomes the most powerful and controls the world.

All planets are symbols that encompass many meanings, and it is difficult if not impossible to assign an exact translation between the symbols (planets) and an English word or even phrase. These planets represent two opposing forces in this context, and it is difficult to specify exactly what they represent since they are symbols and not readily translated into English words. The best one can do is to give some keywords that conjure up images of what the concepts mean. Remember, they are symbols, and the best one can say is that they are Uranian and Plutonian principles.

Uranus Discovered

Uranus was discovered in the late eighteenth century at the height of the Enlightenment, right before the French Revolution and near the end of the American Revolution. Uranus was the first planet discovered by use of the telescope. It can be seen as representing the people, the popular will, and populism among other things in this context. Uranus was discovered by British astronomer William Herschel; the symbol of Uranus, a stylized H, is in commemoration of the discoverer though there is another symbol sometimes used that is somewhat like the Mars symbol. Uranus mythologically does not fit into the astrological meaning of the planet. Uranus and Gaea (who may have been his mother) were the parents of the Titans, who were the parents of the Greek gods. As the author Richard Tarnas points out, Uranus more like Prometheus, the Bringer of Fire than like the father of the Titans. In Holst’s composition The Planets, Uranus is called The Magician. It was discovered during the Enlightenment, which means the bringing of light, something that Prometheus did; however, for bringing the light to human beings, Prometheus was condemned to have his liver torn out continually after it regrew each night. Astronomers and speakers of Latin pronounce the name of this planet as Yer Anus since that is how the ancient Romans said it, but astrologers call it Yer a Nus, perhaps to avoid scatological meanings. Either pronunciation is correct.

Pluto Discovered

Pluto was discovered in the thirties, the decade of the twentieth century that saw the rise of fascism, large-scale organized crime, and the development of atomic energy. Atomic energy resulted in the the bombing of Japanese cities thus setting the stage for a new world. The Great Depression had started just four months before the planet was discovered by comparing two photographs of the night sky and noticing that something had moved. The twentieth century is the century of blood, with two world wars and many smaller ones. It was a century that saw the appearance of fascism (though one proponent of that belief, Benito Mussolini, thought it should be called corporatism instead). Now corporatism is called neoliberalism; Zen economist Rob Urie reminds us that neoliberalism is fascism with good manners.

Pluto was the ruler of the underground kingdom, and it is not much of a stretch to believe that Pluto rules what is now being called the Deep State, which is called many things from the military industrial complex to the national security state to what must be the most complete — MICIMATT, a term created by former CIA analyst Ray McGovern; this is an abbreviation for the Military Industrial Congressional Intelligence Media Academic Think Tank Complex.

The key word I use for the Pluto is corporations, but so much more is contained in the concept of Pluto, many which start with the adjective “big”: Big Tech, Big Banks, Big Pharma, Big Agriculture, Big Government, and Big Medicine. The Uranian side of the conflict refers individual and groups of people as well as small businesses owned by them. This can also be seen in the dichotomy global versus local, and of course people are very small compared to corporations.

We have two different forces, the Uranian and the Plutonian, which can be simplified as the forces of the people versus the forces of the plutocracy. Of course, this plutocracy (wonder where that word came from?) is much larger than just rule by the wealthy, which is the standard definition. These two forces have between them the various attributes represented by Neptune as mentioned in the previous post. This is the conflict that will play out in this decade, and the outcome of this conflict will determine the future of the world. To put it in simple terms, will the people control the world or will the corporations control the world? Neptune will determine the answer to this question.

Corporate media continues to use the term “conspiracy theory” to denigrate any opinion that differs from what they want you to believe. Calling something a conspiracy theory is like saying, “Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.” Anyone who has not already drunk the Kool Aid of the standard narrative will suspect that this conspiracy theory is something that the corporations don’t want you to believe. The corporate media never seem to learn that censoring something just makes it more attractive. Perhaps the elite feel that they have the masses so well trained after years of indoctrination that it doesn’t really matter what they do.

The two major political parties in the United States pretend to be more or less associated with the Uranian principle, that is with people and their concerns. They do this because they still need the votes of the people since we still pretend this is a democracy. A study by professors Gilens and Page should have disabused us of that myth long ago. At one time, fifty years ago, one could even claim with a straight face that the Democratic Party was more associated with the Uranian principle than with the Plutonian one (after Uranus-ruled Aquarian Franklin Roosevelt set the direction of the party), unlike the Republicans (whose first President was Aquarian Abraham Lincoln), but that has long ceased to be true. At present, we have two political parties that do the bidding of the corporations (Pluto), but the Democrats are much better at pretending that they really support the people (Uranus), so in this fundamental way, they are less honest than their opposing party. This is not really a new concept: Just search for ‘Malcolm X foxes wolves’ to see that this concept was alive and well in the sixties.

In the last five years,he Democratic Party has become incensed at even the mere thought of Donald Trump, so much so that this extreme hatred was even given a name: “Trump Derangement Syndrome” (TDS). Trump made “the people” a Republican issue even if it was as phony as that of “Lunchbucket” Joe of the alternate party. The main problem is that the Democrats have a lock on “the People”, and they do not allow anyone else to drive in their lane — they do not like competition for the Uranus vote — that is not allowed!

Perhaps as a result of all the Sturm und Drang of this decade, a political party will be formed that truly represents the Uranian principle since right now both parties support Pluto. Perhaps this will be called the Populist Party even though that term is now met with great disrespect. This disrespect can be traced back to consensus historian Richard Hofstadter and his book The Age of Reform, which was a history of reforms in the United States between 1890 and 1940. Hofstadter was not always so much a liberal; as a younger person, he flirted with the Communist Party of the USA and once wrote a book calling prominent antebellum southern politician John Calhoun (Andrew Jackson’s Vice President in his first term) “Marx of the Master Class”. For an alternate view of Populism see the new book The People, No by Thomas Frank.

The most important question of this upcoming decade is which of these two principles — Uranus or Pluto — will dominate. Since the Pluto side controls the media which sets the narrative, those who get their information solely from the corporate media will, if only unconsciously, reflect the corporate talking points. Since the main alternative media outlets on the Web are being censored or bought out by the corporate masters, it becomes increasing difficult to get a perspective that does not reflect the corporate viewpoint. People must continue to try or else all is lost. One simple rule of thumb is to disbelieve whatever the corporate narrative is; assume everything they say is a lie. To be more refined, look at each individual item. If the story reads, “More people are moving than ever before” that likely does not involve the desires of the elites, so it may well be true. However, if the headline reads, “Designated enemy of this country attacks this country”, it is almost certainly a lie. Judging the truth of a corporate statement is increasingly difficult; In the sixties, the phrase was “Question Authority”; now it is “Distrust Anyone Who Questions Authority.” It is easier to get your truth from the corporate media since they mostly agree on each story. This is the narrative that you are supposed to believe, but if you go to alternative media, there may be different interpretations for each story, so it is harder to know what to believe or what the truth is. This is where research and the use of critical thinking comes in handy. It takes more work to not accept the corporate line, but if you want to support the Uranus side, it is necessary to think for yourself.

The censoring of dissident views is similar to in an earlier era the Catholic church censoring and excommunicating the early scientist Galileo. He was obviously promoting a conspiracy theory that the Earth revolved around the Sun even though all authorities agreed that the Sun revolved around the Earth. Nowadays, the way of communicating information is much different and much faster than it was in the seventeenth century when all they had were printed books; now the means of censorship is much faster.

Sometimes Satan Comes as a Man of Peace

We must be skeptical of the pronouncements of “authorities” because the Devil often wears a mask so that we are unable to see the truth behind those statements. Satan (Pluto) is called the Father of Lies and Bob Dylan put it more poetically in the quote above. Authorities may give people something they really want, for instance, a guaranteed annual income, but beware of the fine print. Corporations currently disguise themselves with all of the companies declaring that they are feminist or that they support Black Lives Matter. In a simpler time, there was the practice called “greenwashing” where a company portrayed itself as environmentally conscious to cover up some very unsavory practices. Now we have large-scale “Uranus-washing” where Pluto dominated organizations pretend that they are actually Uranus-oriented. Seen astrologically, this is Pluto dissembling (Neptune) as Uranus.

Uranus by its very nature consists of many who disagree about one thing or another. It would not be Uranus if all the people agreed on everything; that would be Pluto. This is the weakness of Uranus as far as Pluto is concerned. This divisiveness is helpful for Pluto, allowing it to keep the various factions apart and warring. One way of keeping the populace (Uranus) from joining together to fight the powers of the corporations (Pluto) is by getting those same factions of the people to fight among themselves, so they will not turn on their true enemy; if the people were united against the Plutonian forces, those same forces would be in trouble. Pluto know this and will spend much energy keeping the Uranian forces divided. One popular strategy is to get white people and black people to fight each other so that don’t see who is really controlling things.

The corporate owned network MSNBC (the MS stands for Microsoft!) convinces Democrats — their target audience — that all dissident beliefs are those of Republicans, Trumpists, or QAnon follower; the corporate owned network Fox convinces Republicans — their target audience — that all dissident beliefs are those of Democrats or the Left or Marxists. Democrats (not elites) and Republicans (not elites) are kept fighting between themselves, so the elites can go back to their business of plundering the world and making as much money as possible even as they destroy the planet. When different factions start to talk to one another, you will hear many say things such as “I never thought I’d be talking to people with those beliefs, but we do agree on this one important thing.” Now they are allies.

It has been said that there are two dimensions, not one, in political discourse: ‘Left’ versus ‘Right and ‘Up’ versus ‘Down’. The terms “left” and “right” were developed during the French Revolution when the supporters of the King sat on the right, and the supporters of the Revolution sat on the left; that spectrum is older than the French Revolution, and the ‘Right’ can be seen as Saturn and the ‘Left’ as Jupiter. Starting at that time, there have been more planets discovered, and that discovery has symbolized the expansion of human consciousness. What was considered in the aphorism given above as ‘Up’ and ‘Down’ can now be seen as Pluto and Uranus. What will be most important in the upcoming century will not be Jupiter versus Saturn but Uranus versus Pluto.

In this new century, we will see that Pluto (elites) are extremely worried that the masses will try to take (back) the power that is supposedly theirs to give. The elites (Pluto) are scared that people will wake up from their Neptunian illusions; all dissent must be extremely limited if not banned. Of course, that is suspicious; thus a certain amount of dissent will be allowed, but only if it stays within acceptable bounds. They don’t want the Overton window (explained in the previous blog entry) to get too large; Pluto defines the terms of debate.

Pluto holds most of the cards. It controls the means of communication and propaganda. Occasionally, a leader arises who could possibly unite the various factions of Uranus; however, these leaders such as Huey Long, Malcolm X, John Kennedy, Fred Hampton, Martin Luther King, and Robert Kennedy have all had accidents that prevent them from leading. It now appears that Uranus will have to merge its many elements itself instead of depending on a leader. Pluto’s problems are that it believes its own lies. If a scheme of Pluto becomes so big and even grandiose, there could be a breakdown and people would see that the emperor is not wearing any clothes. This could be a moment that awakens Uranus.

Note: After this was published, I noticed that Sun was conjunct Uranus with an orb of three minute at the time; that is a hopeful sign.

Whole Lotta Neptune Goin’ On!

If we wanted to choose one planet as the star of this upcoming decade, that planet would be Neptune. Neptune transits feature prominently in the chart of the United States with Neptune approaching the opposition to its natal position and also with Neptune conjunct the IC of the United States. Whereas the MC — the Medium Coeli or middle of the sky — represents the outward manifestation of the country, the IC — Imum Coeli or bottom of the sky — represent the foundation or inner core of the country. This is similar to the meanings of those two points in the chart for a human being. In that case, the MC is the ego-consciousness, career, or public persona (and one parent) whereas the IC represents the home and the foundations of the human being (and the other parent); there is, however, a long standing debate in the astrological community as to which parent.

But important also to the United States and very important to the world is the transit of Neptune across the Aries point, the point that represents the world at large. Neptune symbolizes many things, and those things will be very important in this upcoming decade, which either started with the last year or starts with this year, depending on your belief in the Year Zero.

Perhaps the best known meaning for Neptune, though difficult for most human beings and the masses of the world to achieve, is spiritual awakening. This can most easily be seen in those considered spiritual adepts who often have strong Neptunes. Many think that since the world is in such dire straits, it certainly needs a spiritual enlightenment at this time either for many individuals or for the world at large. That is one positive and optimistic interpretation of these upcoming transits: that the world or many members of it will reach some kind of spiritual realization. This corresponds to the notion that it has long been said that the mass of humanity is asleep, so it needs to awaken from its sleep and become consciously aware of what is happening in the world. If that kind of awakening happens, things will surely change, but that is scary to those who benefit from the ways things are now. Perhaps we have made the situation here on earth so dire just so we will wake up as some writers suggest.

Related to this idea is the discussion in June and July of last year in this blog: “The Disenchantment of the World”. The world has lost all spiritual foundations and is now controlled only by what is called “Science”. The examples are everywhere: We now stake our future on the scientific productions of huge industries as discussed below.

One meaning assigned to Neptune is oil, and we can certainly see how that plays out since currently the oil business is one of the most profitable in existence except for another Neptune ruled business mentioned below; many are maintaining that we must leave the oil in the ground in order for the world to survive. Others talk about peak oil, the time when we have used up half of the world’s supply of oil and begin to run out. Much of the oil now produced is unconventional such as the Alberta Tar Sands oil in Canada and oil derived by fracking (hydraulic fracturing) in the United States. People are increasingly realizing that oil from tar sands in Canada is extremely dirty, not at all kind to the environment that we pretend to care so much about. Oil from fracking is increasingly difficult to support since fracked oil production from a source only lasts a few years (unlike much conventional oil from standard oil wells) and depends on financial shenanigans to pay for it; fracked oil discovery and extraction causes earthquakes and flaming water (see the 2010 movie Gasland by Josh Fox). Because so much unconventional oil is now produced in the United States, former President Obama congratulated himself for making the US once again a major exporter of oil. The result of burning oil for a least a century has seen the rise of the waste products of such combustion which pollute the atmosphere, thus preventing much heat radiating away from earth (the greenhouse effect) causing “global warming” or “climate change”. Any way you look at it, oil is very important to the world, and that will be even more so in the third decade of the twenty-first century.

But Neptune can also represent diseases that can not be seen since not only is Neptune not visible to the naked eye, but the concept of Neptune itself represents something not easy to tack down or manifest. Thus the association with diseases or pandemics seems clear. That was discussed in the last post — Neptune Part One.

Because in the current world, insults of a gender or racial nature are no longer acceptable, new insults are needed, an insult above all others, a meta-insult. Neptune again answers this call by providing a new all-purpose insult: anti-vaxxer, which indicates someone who also is anti-science since vaccination is one of the greatest gifts from science. This term is now used often by people who claim that it does not apply to them. I recently heard a prominent and daring anti-imperialist (who is the son of Democratic royalty, which might make him somewhat risk averse in this case) make a mild critique of billionaire college dropout and medical maven Bill Gates. He followed his criticism by the statement that he was not an anti-vaxxer, so no one would think that he was a member of that “disgusting circle”. It is a common refrain by those criticizing our current use of experimental medical procedures that they are not anti-vaxxers. Perhaps we need to make the anti-vaxxers wear a symbol so that we can identify them. Since the pink triangle has already been used, I suggest that anit-vaxxers be made to wear a pink crown sown to their shirt, which represents corona(virus).

But as has been mentioned many times before in this blog, Neptune also represents illusion, delusion, not seeing things as they are, and deception. These are all words that I believe describe what we will be seeing or not seeing or believe we are seeing in this third decade. As mentioned in previous posts, Neptune has been operative in the United States chart since 2016, shown most clearly by a sesquiquadrate from that planet to the Ascendant, so the United States had a head start on Neptune action.

Because of this Neptunian deception, there is a strong caution not to believe a first impression, to realize that something or someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, to look beneath the surface of things, and to try to see the truth that lies beneath. While this is always good advice, it is especially important to keep these warnings in mind over this upcoming Neptune ruled decade. Most of the world now seems to be ruled by Illusions, so do not trust first impressions, conventional wisdom, or consensual reality. Of course, this will not make you popular with the masses who make up the consensus. Often, that consensus is formed by the corporate mass media in what was originally called “manufacturing consent” by twentieth century writer Walter Lippmann.

Another common association for Neptune is drugs and in this case what is called “Big Pharma” or the Pharmaceutical-Industrial Complex — an alteration of Eisenhower’s Military-Industrial Complex. Pharmaceutical companies are among the most powerful in the world today. If one pays attention to the criminal track record of the various pharmaceutical companies, you will find that the amount these companies paid for lawbreaking and the number of people killed overshadow the fines and crimes of the oil companies or most other corporations. Judged from the law breaking, these companies are criminal organizations though one shouldn’t say so. One currently popular drug they make is called a vaccine.

Vaccines had often been a money-loser for pharmaceutical companies, mainly because of all the potential losses from lawsuits over vaccine injuries. These problems were eliminated because in 1986, the same companies were absolved from paying any suits for injuries due to childhood vaccination; this protection has been extended to adult vaccination, and after those federal laws were passed flu vaccines have become a profit center. Now with newly introduced SARS-CoV-2 vaccines, these drugs will be even more profitable. Pharmaceutical companies have been paid to develop these substances, get much free advertising, and any criticism is eliminated; and have no liabilities if anything goes wrong; this seems like the most desirable setup for any business, and the profit to be made is astronomical. Of course, none of these points are allowed in the mainstream media, who act like an advertising agency for the pharmaceutical companies. These companies are so wealthy and powerful that they can shape most any media to its direction. Any dissenting views are promptly censored.

Censorship is another one of the themes of this decade. Neptune represents censorship, which is just an elaboration of deception or illusion, which are well known Neptunian keywords. It is common in today’s world for dissenting scientific opinions to be censored or shouted down while we are implored to “ listen to science”. That attitude, where differing opinions are not allowed, is not science but religion, so more Neptune. Science demands open listening to alternatives because how can we otherwise know the truth. It appears that a new religion has been formed, one which is actually anti-science even as it uses the mantra that “Science Is Real”.

Neptune and Media

The printed word such as newspapers and magazines has become the “legacy media” and not censored much. Most of the legacy media is under the control of large corporations. Currently six corporation own most of the media: Comcast is the biggest; they own anything with “NBC” in its title and also own a major cable company. The problem is with the Internet, which still allows individual citizens to express themselves like writing this blog.

Birth of the Internet

Let us briefly review the progress of the Internet, which looks to be a dominant element of the upcoming decade, though it was hardly a slouch in the previous decade. The Internet, and especially the World Wide Web, is obviously signified by Neptune since the Web is everywhere and exists beyond material reality. In fact is called “virtual” reality, which is a Neptunian concept. The Internet, with a transmission protocol which allowed information to be transferred/sent over various communication lines and reassembled successfully at its final destination, had its debut on October 29,1969 in Silicon Valley. This was at the tail end of the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the middle sixties. At that time, the “personal computer” did not exist, and the smallest computers were mini-computers, which was discussed in a previous post.

In this chart (above) for the first Internet transmission , set for noon, the most obvious aspect is the opposition between the Sun and Saturn, suggesting restrictions or possibly because of the opposition, an escape from restrictions of the conventional Saturn-ruled world. Note that the Uranus-Pluto conjunction is wide at ten degrees, and Uranus has most clearly moved into Libra.

First Web Page

While there were several developments through 1989,1990, and 1992, the first public webpage was published on August 6, 1991 at CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research) in a suburb of Geneva. In the years since, there have been millions and millions of web sites published, but it has only really been a short period — thirty years this summer. This chart shows the Uranus-Neptune conjunction that is the highlight of the early nineties. The Mercury Venus conjunction suggests the sweet embrace of this new medium by the populace.

The personal computer was developed in the seventies, and with developments at Xerox Parc ,(in the heart of California’s Silicon Valley) the modern Graphical User Interface (GUI) used by all computers these days was developed. The first common commercial use was on the Apple Lisa in the early eighties. Then in the early nineties, under the Uranus-Neptune conjunction, the World Wide Web was developed, so the Internet could be used by the general public and not just research scientists and the military. The company Google was founded in 1998 just before the new century but went public in the early years of the twenty-first century. During the first decade, it became strong and by the second decade of the new century, it became obvious that this new company was so powerful that it needed some limitation. Some European governments have attempted to provide restraints in a small way, but the home country of Google seemed unable to attempt even minor limitations. The company grew so strong and dominant that the alteration of search results could influence the outcome of elections as Harvard professor Richard Epstein told congress. Google now owns YouTube, which is the outlet for most videos of an informative kind, and Google has made it clear that they are willing to remove videos that don’t agree with the dominant paradigm; of course they phrase it more “diplomatically” than that. These outlets try to maintain the Overton Window, a concept that delineates the range of acceptable political opinion at any time and is very useful for showing the limits of political discourse.

Google Founded

This first chart shows the founding of Google as part of college research at Stanford University in Silicon Valley. Pluto is in the first house and conjunct the Internet, an appropriate symbol for a transformative company even though the exact time is not known. The Mars-Jupiter-Uranus pattern indicates great innovative changes . Later, Google was reincorporated in Delaware. This chart has few strong aspects that don’t involve the Sun or Moon, both of which move during the day. At a quarter degree, the trine between Jupiter and Pluto suggest the money-making ability of this company.

Google Reincorporated

The first real smartphone — there were combinations of cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs) before that — was the Apple iPhone 1, introduced June 29, 2007, well into the new century and not that many years ago. In the years since, smart phones from many manufacturers have allowed the world to be a more Internet friendly place. Even in third world countries, smartphones caught on quickly. In this chart (below), we see a Venus-Saturn conjunction opposite Saturn with the Sun-Mercury aspecting both ends of this opposition. Sun conjunct Mercury obviously speaks to this communication device, but the other planets in this configuration hint at the disappointments and illusions resulting from its use as well. Neptune, remember, is the Internet.

iPhone Introduced

Here we have the situation as we move into the third decade of the twenty-first century. The Internet, also symbolized by Neptune, is becoming increasingly prominent as this decade moves on and Neptune approaches Zero Aries. The Web is the dominant narrative device of this century, and who controls the Web controls the world. It was thought initially, in the primitive days of the late twentieth century, that the Web would allow the people of the world to determine their own reality without the influence of the news media (whose jobs is to manufacture consent) that have been increasingly dominated by large corporations. This brief period of optimism was quickly overshadowed when those same corporations realized that if people could see the unfiltered truth, it would have consequences for them. People might get upset at the way those corporations have been running the world for their own benefit and perhaps take some action. That could not be allowed, so with a strong propaganda campaign and censorship of this new media, people were not allowed to see any truth but that recognized by these tech-overlords.

We see the censoring of dissenting voices from the World Wide Web. Websites like YouTube claimed to be open to everyone like a bookstore that presents all opinions without bias, and thus cannot be sued for liable; since such media now censors opinions, it is no longer like a bookstore but more like a newspaper that can can be sued. Most of this censorship comes from the demands of politicians or as a way to please those politicians even though that action may reduce the bottom line of those corporations. If anyone tries to create an alternative to these large social media institutions, they will be eliminated as evidenced by what recently happened to the Twitter alternative Parler.

Looked at from a broader perspective, civilization has reached a turning point where it is becoming a new type of entity, a social animal like an ant colony, where all people are connected. The expansion of the Web and the use of smart phones to connect with the Web has allowed the potential for humans to communicate with one another and make decisions without the intermediary of corporate/government run media; almost all media is run by corporations. Many on the right seem to think that the promised “Great Reset” (as discussed in COVID-19: The Great Reset co-authored by Klaus Schwab who is founder of the World Economic Forum) will involve the implementation of socialism, Marxism, or communism over the whole world. This is madness! — as if the uber-capitalists at the World Economic Forum have any intention of killing capitalism. They like socialism only as it has been used so far — socialism for the wealthy. For example, how would the defense industries survive without the socialist funding of their products by the government?

There is some push-back to this discussion by those in positions of power to re-building the world. There has been talk of a “People’s Reset” as an alternative to the “Great Reset”. This casts light on what will be the major conflict of this decade. In the next post, I’ll introduce a concept that will define this conflict we are in.

Neptune Part One

Neptune opposes its natal position in 2021 and 2022, and by observing previous conjunctions/oppositions, we will see the strong impact these positions have on the US. However, I am not suggesting a cause and effect: As with much of astrology, the relationship between planetary positions and events is symbolic and metaphoric and synecdochic.

The original Neptune conjoined its natal position in 1774, 1775, and 1776 with the natal return being the last of a series; it was during those years that the build-up of tension that finally resulted in the writing of the Declaration was growing. But of course the writing of the Declaration only indicated that the colonists were totally fed up with Britain. The Revolutionary War is considered to have started with the Battle of Lexington and Concord, on April 19, 1775, between the third and fourth exact conjunction.

Neptune then conjoined the IC of the United States, the only other time since the United States was declared a country, which was one Neptune cycle ago in the period 1857 through 1859 right before 1860-1864. That period marked the Civil War, a very important conflict, the most violent on American soil, one that had repercussions for the rest of the century, and one whose lessons we seem not to have learned. This war was between the Northern States and the Southern States, and it has often been said that the North won the war, but the South won the Reconstruction that followed.

The five exact demi-returns of Neptune were 5/24/1857, 7/27/1857, 3/14/1858, 10/31/1858, and 1/4/1859. The main cause of the American Civil War can be considered to be chattel slavery, which was practiced in the southern part of the United States. Those states were attempting to expand the number of states which would allow slavery. The immediate cause was the firing on the Union at Fort Sumter, but two important causes, which spokesmen for the South proclaimed, were the publication of Harriet Beecher Stowe’s novel Uncle Tom’s Cabin (published March 20, 1852) and John Brown’s raid on Harper’s Ferry. This raid took place between October 16 through 18, 1859. This was following the last exact pass of Neptune and was an attempt to start a slave rebellion. Though John Brown was executed by the United States, he was considered a martyr by many in the North, and a popular song was composed at the time: John Brown’s Body. That song was later renamed The Battle Hymn of the Republic and different lyrics were added by Julia Ward Howe. One can only imagine the fear invoked in Southerners to see many in the North so praising someone that the South considered a fiend and often singing a song dedicated to him. It was reasonable for them to assume that even though Brown’s attempt failed, there would be more actions like that, and eventually the South would be faced by a slave rebellion supported by many in the North.

Last Demi-Return before John Brown’s Raid
First Neptune Return

Moving on to the next Neptune return and the first since the birth of the country, we see the following: The three exact transits of Neptune to its natal position were on 10/28/1938, 2/24/1939, and 8/30/1939. These dates are obviously just before World War II broke out, and the last date is one day before Germany invaded Poland, which officially marks the beginning of World War Two. While I am not suggesting that a Neptune transit will be quickly followed by an event whose significance will be immediately apparent, it is interesting to note the strong correspondence. When looking back at the Civil War demi-return, the transits ended several months before John Brown’s raid, not as close to the significant event as in the case of World War II, but of course, there were certainly other events presaging the Civil War that took place closer to the date of the last return.

Last Neptune Return
First Neptune Demi-Return This Series

We can see the equivalent positions of Neptune opposite its natal position in this year and the next: May 1, August 21, and March 1, 2022. The opposition is very close to exact now in the beginning weeks of 2021. On the first of the new year, Neptune was four degrees away from its demi-return and closing.

Second Demi-Return

By now, we can see that the dominant trend setter of the next decade will be the response to Covid-19. People tend to personify possibly non-living entities like viruses, but those entities actually do nothing except be a virus. It is the human response that causes large scale changes to society. A famous example of this type of personification is the book with the title The Selfish Gene by Richard Dawkins. Genes do not know lust, pity, selfishness, or any other of the seven deadly sins, and to describe them thusly is extreme personification — ascribing human characteristics to the non-human. This is often done with animals, but to do such personification with micro-entities stretches the bounds of the acceptable.

Final Demi-Return

As of early 2021, the death toll for the Covid-19 pandemic is just over one-half million for the United States, and slightly over 2.5 million for the world. And a death is a binary activity, a person is either dead or alive (unless you inhabit a zombie movie), so one would think the numbers are quite clear in describing the scale of the crises. But in March 2020, after a suggestion from the World Health Organization (WHO), the United States Centers for Disease Control (CDC) issued a directive on filling out a death certificate for deaths from Covid-19, overriding the method of filling out such form that had been in place for 17 years. In this new method, deaths was no longer considered to be “from Covid” but rather “with Covid” which meant having a positive (usually PCR) test within 28 days of death. As both the WHO and Doctor Fauci have recently admitted, a PCR test is inaccurate if the Cycle Threshold is too big. The PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) test, which earned its inventor a Nobel Prize (he was also into astrology, but I don’t know if their is a connection!!) works by taking small bits of genetic material and magnifying them a number of times, and that number is a called the CT. Tests with a CT of 17 are 100% accurate, and the WHO states that those with a CT over 35 provide mostly false positives. Most commonly tests were performed with a CT of 38-45 before WHO spoke. As anyone who has magnified a low-resolution forty times and seen the huge numbers of artifacts that resulted has seen how this problem works.

The point of this long and technical discussion is that we really don’t know how many deaths have been caused by SARS-CoV-2 that can be compared to deaths caused by such things such as heart disease, cancer, or influenza. Thus Neptune has seeped into what should be a simple binary decision. Since both my parents died of pneumonia, though one had lung cancer and the other had just had a heart attack, I’m very sensitive as to how the cause of death is determined and the problems that can occur in such determination.

It is slowly becoming clear that the response by various governments and other bodies around the world to the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes Covid-19 is having the greatest impact on the world since World War II. This will color the rest of the decade and perhaps years after that. This of course is right on time. As we’ve seen before, these Neptune returns/demi-returns corresponded to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War, and World War II, with each disaster (which means bad stars) being more widespread than the one before. So we now know what the disaster described in the book The Fourth Turning (Neil Howe and William Strauss) will be. Since we are just at the beginning, there are many more derived things to come down the pike. The response of people to the response to the virus will be large and will play out in unexpected ways. Stay Tuned! For example, what is the origin of this virus? Many claim that the virus was created in a lab, and there has been a huge campaign to deny this, but whatever the truth, there have been experiments to increase the potency of viruses in a laboratory called “gain-of-function” research for many years, and sooner or later, one of these experiments will escape into the human population. There needs to be more awareness of this dangerous research.

For the various crises that will develop in this decade, people will use a code word or synecdoche; I have heard several, such as the obvious Covid-19, or the Great Reset (™ World Economic Forum) or Covid-1984 or Flu D’état. The reason so many terms have already been created is that people realize, perhaps unconsciously, that the implication of what has happened the previous year are great and will effect the course of history. I hope everyone is paying attention because we live in historic times.

I have tried to construct a Covid chart. I first looked for Patient Zero, the first patient to get the disease. I then tried to look for when the disease was first identified. There is much confusion (Neptune again) about these things as well as the actual origin and what animals it moved through before coming to humans. But one date kept being mentioned over and over: March 11, 2020. That was the date that the WHO announced that Covid-19 was a pandemic after changing the definition of a pandemic a few years earlier. More Neptune. As he opened the news conference, the Director-General of WHO said “Good Afternoon”, so we can surmise that it was not in the morning.

Pandemic Declared

Looking at the chart, we should first note that Mercury went direct on the previous day. It was as if the authorities could not announce this pandemic until Mercury had turned around. Since we don’t have an exact time, the angles are meaningless, but the several clusters of planets are not. As has been written about before, the three planets that defined the year of 2020 — Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto — are all conjunct in the chart with the addition of Mars to make it more energetic. Then, to again emphasize Neptune, we see that that planet is closely conjunct the Sun, indicating it is a Neptune day, and both are in Neptune ruled Pisces. Perhaps the conjunction is at the Midheaven if the news conference did indeed start in the early afternoon. The Moon was below the horizon for the next six hours, showing that the public (the Moon) was kept in the dark. There is also a conjunction of Venus and Uranus, and the statement Ebertin gives about this conjunction is worth quoting in full: “A strong and hardly controllable tension in emotional life, a self-willed and obstinate disposition, strange urges and inclinations”. It seems like the perfect chart.

There have been some trends in the past few years for a more progressive, more equitable future. All these trends have now been reversed. I’m sure many who have opposed this movement for a more equitable future will be pleased with these outcome. Consider some of the outcomes that we already see: This last year has seen the greatest upward transfer of wealth in history. Many small business ceased operation, and more sales were seen by Amazon and other massive businesses. In addition, most of the “stimulus” in America was given to large corporations while individuals got $1200 or $600 if they were lucky. The stock market is booming while many struggle to get enough to eat since their jobs are gone.

Since many people were without jobs or income, they found it difficult to pay their mortgage or rent. There was an eviction moratorium that temporarily suspended the prospect of losing one’s home, but eventually, the moratorium must end with a huge lump sum payment due and the strong probability of many evictions in the upcoming months. I personally know a large family with a new baby who had just closely avoided being burned out by last year’s fires, who were just evicted since there are many loopholes to the eviction moratorium. We already have a huge homeless population — a noticeable phenomenon of neoliberalism. With all the upcoming evictions, the population of homeless will increase.

Developed countries such as the United States and the members of the European Union will be relatively lucky unlike poorer countries which will not be so fortunate. Oxfam International estimates a potential death of 150,000,000 in the developing countries as a result of the response, and fewer people have jobs in these areas that can be done from home. Many are in what is called the “informal economy”, which is not covered by any government mandates or restrictions. I saw an estimate of 10,000 extra monthly deaths in Africa because much less aid is coming from the developed countries, which currently have their own problems.

Partially because of the lack of affordable childcare, four times more women than men have exited the workforce, thus fulfilling the dream of some to keep women at home and in the kitchen. Once these changes happen, it is difficult to override them in a short time frame.

Middle class people often work in offices, and the mandate to work from home was easily met for those who used to commute to the office. So many have decided that working from home is easy and productive that office real estate is seeing a difficult time. If people don’t need to work in a standard office, what becomes of all those buildings that were rented for a high price?

Many people in the working class do physical work (as opposed to shuffling papers), which requires them to be physically present, and they cannot “work from home”. These are the people who will more often lose their jobs during this time. Those who can work from home are often considered members of the Professional Managerial Class — PMC — and that has become the primary constituent of the Democratic Party, which supposedly represented the working class, so you can imagine how the working class will be more angry that they are being ignored by the PMC-loving elite.

Many of the businesses that require people to be present that are not just office work are run by non-white people, more than would be expected by their share of the population. Black owned business were twice as likely to be shut down as white owned businesses during the lockdown, thus further increasing black poverty. This reverses trends that have been going on for several years. It may be considered cynical to point out that this increasing black unemployment and poverty goes along with a celebration of black culture by the PMC.

Speaking of poverty, the upcoming world will see levels of poverty not seen since WWII. Again, while the United States will see increased poverty for many of the reasons outlined above, the non-rich countries that are called the developing nations, and which got aid from the developed countries that has now ceased, will see even more increases in poverty, again reversing trends of the last decades.

In today’s highly-industrial society, mental health has been precarious, and now prisons are one of of the few institution housing those with mental health problems. The constant bombardment by fear and the increasing isolation from friends and support groups has led to increased mental problems in people. At one point, the daily calls to a suicide hotline were approaching the number of calls normally seen in a month. In San Francisco, at one point, a year’s worth of suicide was seen in a month. That area also saw more drug overdose deaths than Covid deaths, and there is much more consumption of alcohol with foreseen consequences.

There have been warnings of increased mental health problems for youth who normally would be in school where potential problems can be observed, where counselors are available, and where free lunches can be provided. Since most children were sitting at home and staring at screens (if an Internet connection was available), mental health problems are not being caught in time, and there are more cases of physical abuse of children who are now with their parents for long stretches of time. Recently the CDC reported a 400% increase in adolescent depression. A sign of this is the fact that schools in Nevada had to resume classes after a spate of student suicides.

Because of isolation and containment, we have seen increased domestic violence and child abuse. Children had their classes curtailed, so many children are fearful and mistrustful; and children are behind developmentally where they normally would be at their age. The whole “Covid generation” of children who have gone through this will reverberate down through the years as a group of people behind where they should be socially. These children, with Pluto in Sagittarius or Capricorn, will be marked for life, especially since they witnessed the Great Recession of 2007-2009 or the aftermath of it.

With the greatly increased unemployment numbers, some observers estimate that the unemployment will be greater than that of the Great Depression; there will be more deaths. For a long time, the unemployment figures have been deceptive since they only counted as unemployed those looking for work; the discouraged workers who had dropped out of searching were not even counted as unemployed, and the numbers of discouraged workers has been increasing for a decade. It has been estimated that for every one percent increase in unemployment, there is an additional 36,000 deaths in the United States.

There will be many deaths from other causes such as heart attacks and cancer that were not caught by early detection because hospitals and doctors were busy dealing with the pandemic. In the early days, many people would avoid the ER or A&E (in the UK) because they thought they would get the virus if they went in. In addition, many children did not get their scheduled vaccinations because they were at home, and of course many people locked in their homes missed exercise, sunshine, and fresh air, all of which helps build a strong immune system.

All of these massive changes to society will not be overcome or reversed in a few months, but rather — as more authorities are now saying — will take the rest of the decade or more to be reversed if that is even desired by our leaders. That of course is if it is possible to imagine that things could possibly go back to what they were after so many things have happened. If you observe the upcoming transits for the decade, which have been talked about incessantly in this blog, you will see that the changes have only started. Those items mentioned above are only the beginning; the reactions — political, cultural, social — will be far reaching and haven’t really started yet or at least have not been publicly recognized.

Pluto Demi-Return

This Neptune cycle that also corresponds to the first Pluto Return for the United States suggests even more “fun and games” for the U.S. Note also that the Pluto demi-return happened in the years 1935-1938, just before Neptune conjoined its natal position and the world was in the throes of the Great Depression. You may wonder why one full Neptune cycle corresponded to half a Pluto cycle, and the second half of the Pluto cycle corresponds to just half a Neptune cycle; this is because Pluto slowed down during the second half of its cycle, and was even inside the orbit of Neptune for 20 years recently.

This past year has seen the beginning of a crisis which will mark this decade as an important time in the history of the United States and the World. This period will be a crtical change to the world and in the next two posts we will show how a conflict will determine what that change will be.

DIY Presidential Election

People often ask “Where have the moderate Republicans gone?” The answer is obvious, they are still here but now are called “Democrats”. Former President Obama once gave the ploy away by saying that in the 1980’s he’d be considered a moderate Republican, and in fact he got a Republican health care bill passed, one designed by the right wing Heritage Foundation. These “Republicans” have gone on for forty plus years, and it was more accented in the current Democratic “convention” where many named Republicans spoke to unify the image that the Republicans have joined the Democrats. So essentially we have two Republican parties, the “Real” Republicans (TM) for a full-bodied Republican experience, and a Republican-lite Party, that will give you much the same treatment but with soupçon of progressive values. So whichever candidate wins the election, which is planned for November, a Republican will be our next president, beginning the 53rd year with a Republican President.

An interesting phenomenon of this recent election cycle is the number of Republican elites showing their allegiance to the Biden-Harris team. There are two ways of looking at this. Even though these elites could make more money under the corporate-friendly Trump administration, the risk is too great that the people might revolt since Trump is too up-front about his actions; it is better to have a more subtle corporate-friendly administration in charge so that the populace does not get too riled up and actually do something about their horrible so-called leaders. On the other hand, perhaps these elites know that one of the draws of Trump in 2016 was that since the elites hated him the people voted for Trump as a way to give the middle finger to said elites, and when the populace sees even more elites turning away from Trump they will support him even more, so that these elites actually want Trump to win. It is really hard to tell what their plan is.

And in the current situation where every question about the suitability of the Democrats can be answered by “but Trump” Biden can be even more Republican since he assumes the progressive have no one else to vote for.

Since this quadrennial exercise in something they call democracy has only two candidates that can win the election, we will inspect the charts for those two people.

As Paul Simon put it many years ago: “Laugh about it, shout about it/When you have to choose/Any way you look at it you lose”. Harry Truman also had something appropriate to say many years ago: “Given the choice between a Republican and someone who acts like a Republican, people will vote for the real Republican all the time.” But now the question is, who is the real Republican.

The current atmosphere is so intensely partisan that I will not pick a winner. Rather I will point out the relevant charts — election and inauguration transits and solar returns — and allow you to make whatever judgement most closely aligns with your politics. But whoever wins, the United States will have a Republican President, that I know with certainty.

Donald Trump 10:54

First lets look briefly at the natal charts. There are three of them. The first is the standard chart for Donald Trump, the birth time most commonly used. It gives him an Ascendant of 0 Virgo, and as someone who has a Virgo Ascendant, I find that very hard to believe. After the other chart — an hour earlier — was promoted, many astrologers used it as an excuse for their incorrect prediction of a win for Clinton in 2016. In this 10:54 chart we see Mars near the Ascendant, but since he is the first president not to start a foreign war in 40 years this seems a bad example of Mars on the Ascendant. But perhaps Mars being in the Twelfth house explains it: he wants to start a real war like other presidents, but the hidden effect of Mars in the twelfth house forces him to just apply many sanctions instead. But in both charts we will see Sun opposite Moon (that is a Full Moon birth) with the North Node of the Moon closely conjunct the Sun. Donald Trump was born under a lunar eclipse, something that has seldom been talked about, but it is certainly important. Eclipses have for millennia been considered significant and special. He also has Uranus conjunct the Sun, suggesting that he is an agent of change, whether he does the change or causes others to make the change.

Joseph Biden Natal

As far as I know there is only one given birth time for Joe Biden. In his chart all planets but one are above the horizon, suggesting a person directed towards the outer world, very comfortably in the public. The Sun-Venus conjunction (one degree in Scorpio) suggests an affectionate nature and willing to show this. Perhaps this in an indication of his famous “handiness” and preference to smelling the hair of young girls. Note that his Uranus is right on the Descendant (it is actually half a degree below, but if the birth time were off by just a couple of minutes, not unlikely, then Uranus would be above the horizon). Uranus here indicates that he attracts rebels or revolutionary people. Perhaps he is a closet Marxist? Note that he is a heavy Scorpio with four personal planets in that sign. The previous Democratic candidate also was a Scorpio. Perhaps his candidacy is the Scorpio revenge, since the sign was denied victory last time. The Sun sign of Scorpio is the most common sign for Presidents, along with Aquarius.

Donald Trump 9:51

The other time for Donald Trump, about an hour earlier, comes from who is know as the Trump family astrologer, Marilyn Briggs. In this chart we have Jupiter closely trine Uranus with the Ascendant sextile both, and thus also a midpoint configuration. Ebertin says of Ascendant equals Jupiter/Uranus “The ability to shape one’s environment according to one’s own ideas…Shared happiness with others”. Uranus and Jupiter together suggest a real love of freedom, a don’t fence me in attitude, optimism. This is the only real difference between the two charts, since most planets don’t move that much in an hour. In this chart his rising sign is in the middle of Leo. Ask yourself is Trump an example of Virgo rising or Leo rising?

Trump 10:54 Election

Let us look at the transits to these three charts on election day. For the first chart for Trump there is nothing very spectacular, and the only important transits are those that also occur in the other chart, since the angles, the only thing that really changes in an hour, are not affected. The important Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto conjunction, discussed in the previous post, is opposite the Venus-Saturn conjunction in the natal chart. Specifically, Saturn is opposite Venus — traditionally trouble with women (who knew!) — and Jupiter-Pluto is more strongly opposed to his natal Saturn, perhaps energizing his sense of responsibilities indicated by Saturn.

Biden Election

For Joe Biden on election day, we have that same triple conjunction opposite his natal Jupiter, perhaps emphasizing Biden’s sense of victory and optimism. Most notable is that the transiting Sun for this day is one degree from exact conjunction to his natal Mars: Joe Biden will feel particularly energized on that day, but hopefully he will not feel violent. Neptune is on his IC, opposite his Midheaven, and from the graphical ephemeris for this year we can see that the opposition was exact in April of 2020, about the time he was sewing up his command of the Democratic Primary, the middle of August — about the time of the convention — and finally for the third pass early February of 2021, shortly after the inauguration of the President. The only case I know off-hand of this transit of Neptune over the IC was a twenty-some male who “experimented with psychedelics” under that transit. I’ll go out on a limb and say that this will not be the Biden experience. Neptune in this position could indicate the spiritual underpinning of Mr. Biden’s campaign to save the soul of America, or it could indicate that his foundation (which is what the IC represents) is a delusion.

Trump 9:51 Election

The other chart for Trump is quite different. In this case the Midheaven has moved enough so that Uranus is at the Midheaven with an orb of 2 minutes (relocated to Washington, DC, where he currently lives; at his birth place the conjunction is not as tight). As we can see from the graphical ephemeris, this conjunction was exact in June 2020, May 2021, as well as November 2020. This conjunction could presage a surprise or upset. Since natally Uranus conjoins his Sun, Mr. Trump is a agent of change, and this election will emphasize it. To some, this election will bring in the fascist shock-troops, and a less partisan belief might say this election will cause major, perhaps even revolutionary, changes to the country.

Also of interest are the transits on inauguration day, which will be January 20, 2021. Interestingly, on the date of inauguration the transiting Sun has just entered Aquarius and is conjunct the spot of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction that happened a month before. While both Jupiter and Saturn have moved on, they are still loosely conjunct the Sun. There is also on inauguration day a tight — five minutes — conjunction between Mars and Uranus. Mars Uranus hard aspect are an astrological cliche, suggesting accidents. Ebertin says “Obstinacy, brutal frankness.. intolerance… premature action”. Sounds like what many people are predicting as a result of the election no matter who wins.

Trump 10:54 Inauguration

Looking at the Trump 10:54 chart, the conjunction mentioned in the previous paragraph is widely making a hard aspect – a semisquare — to Trump’s Sun-Node-Uranus conjunction and a wide sesquiquadrate to his moon. These aspects will remain for his other chart, since only the angles really move in the hour between those two charts. Other that a Venus sesquiquadrate his Ascendant, there is little action to his angles — Ascendant and Midheaven — just as in the chart for the election.

Biden Inauguration

For Joe Biden, that loose conjunction of Jupiter, Saturn, and the Sun is sesquiquadrate his Midheaven and square his Moon. This Saturn action may indicate that he is assuming serious duties, that of a President. Neptune is still on his IC, opposite his Midheaven, as in the election day chart, but it is closer, only one degree away.

Trump 9:51 Inauguration

Finally we have the inauguration chart for Trump born at 9:51. While the Mars-Uranus conjunction doesn’t do much in the other natal charts, for this Trump chart that conjunction is on his MC, not surprising because Uranus is on is MC for much of the year, as shown in the graphical ephemeris. This may indicate the uproar if Trump — with this natal chart — loses the election. Or it could indicate the uproar among the Democrats and their media if Trump — again with this chart — wins the election. If you thought the pushback in 2017 was something, wait until you see the response in 2021. Also this will be a good test of which natal chart is more accurate. Stay tuned.

Biden Graphical Ephemeris

Trump Graphical Ephemeris

We also have two solar returns to look at for each candidate, once because Donald Trump has two charts, and the other set because Joe Biden’s birthday is three weeks after election so that the return right after the election is possibly more relevant than the one almost a year before the election.

Then there is the age old question of which solar return to use, the one for the birthplace or the one for the place of location. Since both these men were born close to their current residence, this does not make much difference. But to some this is important. I knew a person once who spent the night in my house on his way to an obscure location in Eastern Washington because he thought he would have a favorable return at that location.The other question is should the tropical or precessed (similar to sidereal where an adjustment is made for precession of the equinox) zodiac be used for the return.

I once did an experiment with two friends, both astrologers, who had life changing health occurrences in a year. I drew up four return charts for the appropriate year: precessed and non-prrecessed for both the birth location and the current location, and these two locations for both people differed by over 1000 miles. We then looked at all charts, and without coaching by me they picked out the most relevant chart. I then made a judgement and chose the same charts as they did — it was quite evident which chart suggested the upcoming year properly. In both cases the non-precessed chart for the birth location was the one that worked. So that is what I have used for these two candidates.

Trump 10:54 Solar Return

The return for Trump for the 10:54 chart is not especially noteworthy. Nothing really stand s out to me. In this chart all planets except for the Sun are above the horizon, and the Sun is in the first house, the house of self projection. The Sun is square Mars-Neptune-Moon conjunction. That conjunction is important also in the Solar Return based on the 9:51 chart where we will talk about it. The Jupiter Pluto (and also loosely Saturn) conjunction is right on his Descendant. Powerful forces (indicated by those three planets) which have been building up during 2016 are most likely coming for him from the outside environment, thought some make suggest that he will have a dominating control over his environment. My belief is that the Descendant (as opposed to the Ascendant) indicates the external environment for the human being whose projection is represented by the Ascendant. Most of the planets above the horizon indicate that the year in question will be very public for him.

Trump 9:51 Solar Return

The return of the 9:51 chart shows that all of these planets are above the horizon, more so than in the 10:54 return. That would suggest that in the year to come June 2020 to June 2021 — he will be in the public eye. As in Joe Biden’s 2020 return, Mercury on the Ascendant indicates speaking to the public. The Mars – Neptune conjunction on the Midheaven is problematic. Mars-Neptune usually indicates unfocused or confused action — witness the Mars-Neptune square in the US chart. According to Ebertin, this conjunction on the MC suggest failure and a sense of inferiority, something that Mr. Trump feels from his childhood in Queens, an “inferior” borough compared to Manhattan. Or perhaps it suggests his sense of rejection at having lost the election. The Moon is also on the Midheaven but in the Tenth house suggesting that the public will be very aware of him, but of course that is a given.

Biden Solar Return 2019

The return for Biden for 2019 show most of the planets below the horizon. Only Uranus, Neptune, and the Moon are clearly about the horizon. Perhaps this indicates how he has been kept in the basement both literally and figuratively. The Sun is clearly at the lowest point of the chart reinforcing his actions from home. The Moon conjunct the Ascendant suggests his connection with the American people, at least Democrats, and is indicative of his amazing comeback in the Democratic primary, from almost dead to a front runner almost overnight.

Biden Solar Return 2020

The return for Joe Biden drawn for November 2020, shortly after the election, has of the planets below the horizon except Venus with Mercury slightly above and exactly conjoined the Ascendant. Perhaps this shows that he will not be the “real” president, but only a figurehead, and that others, like his vice president and other people that he has surrounded himself with even before the election, mostly retreads from the Clinton and Obama administration as well as some neoconservative Republicans, will be the ones really running his administration. In fact, I’ve already seen talk about the Harris administration, with Joe Biden. Uranus is on the Descendant, suggesting progressive forces trying to push him from the outside.

So there you have it, a look at the 2020 presidential election through the lens of astrology. Perhaps in a month or so we will know the results.

These Two Years

Periods of time — for convenience we will use years, a standard measure of time for humans and also an astrological base unit of time — can be defined by the primary planetary pattern which dominate that period. This has been discussed before with the measure of larger periods of time, the one-half of a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction, a decade. So as mentioned before, the decade called the Sixties is defined by the Uranus-Pluto conjunction that was exact in 1965 and 1966, and the decade called the Nineties is defined by the Uranus-Neptune conjunction of 1992 and 1993. But years also have their unique astrological signatures, and in this post we will look at the year 2020 and next year 2021, though of course the trends started in those years can carry forward to succeeding years.

The year of 2020 saw three important conjunctions: Saturn-Pluto (single conjunction January 12), Jupiter-Pluto (three conjunctions April 5, June 30, and November 12), and Jupiter-Saturn (single conjunction December 21). Each is important by itself, but when all three occur together that is more notable. I’ve looked at these combinations over the last 500 years and they occur about once a century.

Jupiter-Saturn conjunctions occur every twenty years, like clockwork, and over the last few centuries have happened at the beginning of what I’ve called a bi-decade, a twenty year (two decade) period that starts in the year starting with zero or one and an even decade number. For example a bi-decade started in 1960/61, 1980/81, 2000/01, and now 2020/21. Even for those without the astrological knowledge, these twenty years periods are recognizable as different from each other. Most would agree that the period 1960-1979 is different from the period 1980-1999 and is different from the period 2000-2019 because of political and social trends, among other things. We are starting a new bi-decade (officially with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of December 21) now, and I’m sure most would agree that this year is different from the preceding year.

The period between successive Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions and Saturn-Pluto conjunctions is more variable because each conjunction involves Pluto, the wild-card of the Solar System (and some believe that Pluto is not a true planet) which has an extremely eccentric orbit so that sometime it is within the orbit of Neptune and thus is not the outermost planet of the Solar System. The last time Pluto was inside the orbit of Neptune, which occurs once ever 250 years, was in the twenty year period 1979-1999, which closely corresponds to the bi-decade of the Eighties and Nineties. In this new century Pluto again moved outside the orbit of Neptune and is gaining speed.

Sidebar for nerds: Johannes Kepler is considered one of the founders of modern science and his laws are considered the basis for calculating ephemerides. His second law (of planetary motion) says that as a planet travels around the Sun, its radius vector (an imaginary line from the Sun to the planet) sweeps out equal areas in equal time, which implies that when the planet is closest to the Sun it travels faster than when it is further away from the Sun. While most major planets have relatively circular orbits, Pluto is the one that does not, so it travels much faster when it is closer to the Sun and thus inside the orbit of Neptune. I found a nice diagram of this at Kepler made his living at one point of his life by reading astrological charts, mostly for rich clients, and he probably would not have developed his planetary laws if he were not already into astrology. A recent book A Scheme of Heaven: The History of Astrology and the Search for our Destiny in Data by Alexander Boxer discusses the connection between astrology and modern science in more detail.

Saturn Pluto conjunctions and oppositions have long been associated with dire events, often wars. This is discussed fully in Section V of Cosmos and Psyche by Richard Tarnas, and has been discussed in this blog several times. For example, the preceding Saturn-Pluto opposition corresponded to the attacks of 9/11, the conjunction of those two planets in 1947 corresponded to the start of the Cold War, the conjunction of 1914 corresponds to the start of World War One, and the opposition of 1898 corresponded to the Spanish-American War.

I’ve long tried to get a fix on Jupiter-Pluto conjunctions, which occur more often that Saturn-Pluto conjunctions. The best I have been able to come up with for an interpretation of these two planets together is that the conjunction emphasizes what is already going on, like a cosmic exclamation mark. For these two planets Ebertin says “A desire for power” and “The qualities of leadership”. For the three planets together it is worth quoting Ebertin in full: “Plainness and simplicity, excessive modesty, the inclination to sacrifice oneself for others, religious and social fanaticism, difficulties caused through illness.” Ahem!

It is important to note that the period encompassing these three conjunction is less than one year, from January 12 to December 21. For comparison, let us look at the previous times when all three conjunctions occurred together. All of these graphical ephemerides are shown for a three year period. This is important to note, since they all have the same scale one can compare them easily.

The conjunctions of these three planets for the Twentieth Century occurred in 1982, corresponding to the rise of Neo-liberalism, a philosophy which has dominated the modern world. The Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of January 1981 was the first of the three different conjunctions to occur in this period. The last was a Saturn-Pluto conjunction in November 1982 though there is a close approach of those two planets in July 1983. But the period between first conjunction and the last is 21 months.

The conjunctions of the Nineteenth Century occurred in 1883 as the world moved into modernity. The first conjunction in the series was a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in April 1881. The last conjunction was of Saturn-Pluto in May 1983. Thus the period in question was 26 months.

But there was also another conjunction set for that century, in 1820, which corresponded to the rise of rationalism as mentioned in previous posts. There were a lot of important aspects happening at the time, as can be seen from the graphical ephemeris with all the curves representing transiting planets near zero Aries — the solid horizontal black line. The first conjunction of the three under discussion was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction in May 1819. The final act in that play was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of June 1821, so the whole play was 26 months. Note that in this period of time, besides other important events I’ve pointed out recently, saw the Congress of Vienna which marked the final defeat of Napoleon and started what is known as the century of peace in Europe (relatively speaking) which was only ended by the outbreak called World War I in 1914 which started the bloody Twentieth Century.

Since there were two of the triple conjunction periods in the Nineteenth Century, there were none in the Eighteenth Century. The next conjunction set was in 1680, corresponding to the rise of Science, also mentioned in the previous posts. The whole period was started out with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of February 1678 and ended with the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of July 1680. The whole period lasted 30 months.

The conjunction set before that was in 1585. This is when the New World was being conquered by white Europeans and colonies were being set up. The first conjunction of this period was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in May 1583; the last was the Saturn-Pluto conjunction of March 1585. Thus this whole period lasted 22 months.

The conjunction set before that was in 1446. As mentioned previously, this marked the development of the printing press, a invention that was to have profound implications for the world. The first conjunction was the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction of July 1444. The last was the conjunction was Saturn-Pluto in May 1446. The whole period encompassed 22 months.

If we compare these previous six periods of Jupiter-Saturn, Jupiter-Pluto, and Saturn-Pluto conjunctions, we can see that the current one is shorter — more compressed that any of the six others, but it also takes place conveniently within one calendar year, that being 2020, with the first conjunction in January and the last conjunction in December of this year. Thus this time the cycle takes 11 months, by far a record for this 500 year period. You can judge for yourself what the tone of 2020 has been like. I think most people would agree that 2020 has been important, and standout, and possible unique. If I had to use one word it would be “crazy”. We are all so caught up in the daily headlines that is is impossible to have a perspective of what this year has wrought, so I think our correct judgements need to be postponed until we have a little hindsight, which can only be obtained by one method, sans a time machine. The year of 2020 has had the intensity of the triple conjunction of the three planets Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto, which as we’ve seen happens once a century but this time compressed to only eleven months so much more intense than previously. Previous examples of this triple conjunction presaged an important change in world progress; imagine what the outcome of this compressed one will be when seen from ten years in the future.

The year of 2021 will be different. I’ve previously discussed that for the United States, that year will see the transiting Pluto opposite the natal Mercury, which suggests a conflict with the media, and a Neptune opposition (demi-return) which suggests increasing bewilderment at what is happening. But those are for the United States. The dominant transit (what is called a “world transit” since it does not require a natal chart) will be the square of Uranus and Saturn. I discussed the opposition of the two planets in the Red Summer of 1919. This aspect highlights the conflict between normal consensual reality, the establishment that controls of the world (Saturn) and the impulse to rebellion and revolution, the new, the nonordinary (Uranus). My feeling is this year will see a growing opposition to the craziness of the previous year and the forces that helped it happen. This aspect hits a personal point of the United States chart —the node of the Moon —and so this world transit will also be strongly felt by the United States tying in with the growing distrust of the media symbolized by the Pluto Mercury opposition but disguised by Neptune.

These squares of Saturn and Uranus take place in March of 2021, July, and December, pretty much filling up the year of 2021 much like those three conjunctions filled up 2020. Note that in October of 2022 — as the US Pluto return is exact –the square is very close but not exact. So after the year 2020 ends, and after the final conjunction which is Jupiter and Saturn on the Winter Solstice as the Sun enters Capricorn and as the conjunction takes place at zero Aquarius, a new year will start, and also a new bi-decade officially starts. The election madness in the United States will possibly be over, and the repercussions to that and to the other craziness of the ending year will fill up the year of 2021. May I be the first to wish you a Happy New Year!

The Disenchantment of the World – Part II

We have seen the growth of a materialistic viewpoint over the last 500 years.  It started  very slowly but with the Scientific and Industrial Revolutions and the Enlightenment, that worldview has become dominant.  Scientists were praised as gods after the dropping of the Atomic bomb 75 years ago and that has not really abated in the years since.  And even those religions that claim to be rooted in the older worldview have subscribed to the modern materialism.  Everyone has so bought into the Cartesian worldview that any alternative is quickly banished or mocked.

In the current world, science is the new religion, and scientists are looked to as authorities just as in an earlier age religious figures were sought for guidance.  This is a direct example of Uranus killing Neptune.  In the modern age, science has been bought out by Capitalism whose handmaiden it has become, totally prostituted by Mammon.  As an example see how many medical organizations are funded by pharmaceutical companies who support a certain theory of disease.  It is no wonder that the promptings of science are increasingly disbelieved by the populace.  Consider such subjects as nuclear power, genetically modified organisms (GMO), vaccines, various psychiatric drugs for whatever ails you, wireless transmission for cell phones and WiFi and especially 5G, geoengineering, fluoridated water, even astrology.  I’m sure you can add or subtract from that list.  And for almost all of those items, corporations stand to make much money from the use of them. Though l’m not aware of any astronomers who make more if people disbelieve in astrology, astrology is such obvious nonsense to the scientific world view that scientists disbelieve and criticize the belief in astrology as a freebie, to show that they are honest.  Many years ago 86 scientists signed a letter condemning astrology (I remember this since my mother would send me newspaper clippings of this story).  Carl Sagan refused to sign that letter since he had not studied astrology.  That was a true scientist.

Science has been corrupted by corporations; as long as that is the case science will cease being believed even though it has truth to share.  In fact, a scientist recently wrote that “The case against science is straightforward: much of the scientific literature, perhaps half, may simply be untrue.  Afflicted by studies with small sample sizes, tiny effects, invalid exploratory analyses, and flagrant conflicts of interest, together with an obsession for pursuing fashionable trends of dubious importance, science has taken a turn towards darkness…  The apparent endemicity of bad research behaviour is alarming.  In their quest for telling a compelling story, scientists too often sculpt data to fit their preferred theory of the world.  Or they retrofit hypotheses to fit their data.”  That was a statement of the editor of the prominent British medical journal The Lancet, Richard Horton, in 2015.

A recent article published and then retracted by The Lancet (with the same editor) shows that this problem has not gone away.  The President of the United States has touted the long used anti-malaria drug hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) (with zinc, it is important to add) for Covid19.  The drug has been used without safety warnings for 70 years.  Soon after the recommendation a study documenting the health risks of such a regimen appeared in The Lancet.  The report was so dodgy one wonders why it was accepted in the first place.  Since HCQ is inexpensive ($20 for a two week supply), its use is a threat to the large profits that can be made by a vaccine.  It appears from analysis of the report that it was an obvious fraud.  This kind of scandal will again darken the name of science and medicine, being yet another example why science will not be trusted in the future.  So again Capitalism has bought out Science.  A sad day for science.  (On a personal note, as a college undergraduate I took many lab courses in both physics and chemistry and one of the first things a student figures out is how to fudge results.  Just sayin’.)  Doctor Horton explained this fault by saying that pharmaceutical companies are so powerful, and have so much money, that it is difficult to withstand their onslaught.

Technocracy is another word that indicates this over-dominance of the rational.  Technocracy was a political movement of the early Twentieth Century that has since become unpopular as a word but very popular in reality.  Both former President Obama and all of Silicon Valley are heavily technocratic.  The basic philosophy behind technocracy is that only scientists really know what is happening and so scientists should rule the world.  People think you must listen to science (Greta Thundberg on the occasion of Earth Day said exactly that) which is a direct statement of technocratic thinking.  But technocracy is not a new concept.  Francis Bacon, the father of the scientific method, wrote New Atlantis, a utopian novel published in 1626.  In this novel a Pacific island is discovered — this being the time when new lands were being found — that is run by scientists and where everyone on the island is morally superior.

Technocracy is an example of technological fundamentalism: technology will save us, which has been called (James Howard Kunstler) the Google mindset – ‘Dude, we’ve got technology so no worries’ and so we don’t have to change our way of thinking.  One example of this belief that technology will save us is the current negative reaction (and censorship) among environmentalists to the recent film The Planet of Humans produced by Michael Moore, who once was a darling of the Green Set.  Many in the green energy movement believe that once everything is electrified we will be be free to continue our previous lifestyle.  Many who don’t think of themselves as “climate deniers” nevertheless don’t really see that they deny the magnitude of the “problem”, which is not a problem but rather a predicament (John Michael Greer).  A problem needs a solution; a predicament needs a change so you can live with it, since the predicament will not go away once a (not the) solution is found.

Transhumanism is another concept promoted by technocratic oriented individuals, especially those around Silicon Valley.  Loosely, this is the idea that human beings can avoid illness and even death through technology, though one may wonder if the resulting being can still be considered human.  A current streaming show called Upload illustrates this belief in overcoming death through technology.   Expect to see more news about transhumanism in the future as the wealthy geniuses of Silicon Valley reveal more of their plans to the public, worked up about health threats from the latest pandemic.






While it is hard to produce a date and chart for this overriding event of the last 500 years, a good chart for the crux of this turning is found in 1821, just as the Industrial Revolution was reaching a wider world than just Great Britain.  It has been a doctrine of this blog that the outer planets and their angular relations are important in historical events.  Aspects of the three outer planets, such as the conjunctions of Uranus and Pluto in the decade of the Sixties or the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in the decade of the Nineties were defining of the nature of that decade.  Even more potent are aspects involving all three outer planets, especially midpoints.  Also important for world events are aspects to the cardinal — Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn — points, as in for example the conjunction of Pluto with zero Capricorn as signifier of the Great Recession.  So it interesting to look at the aspects of the third decade of the Nineteenth Century, with Pluto a 0 Aries square the Uranus-Neptune conjunction at 0 Capricorn.  Many charts could be drawn for this period of time; the one I chose has Uranus and Neptune conjoined at zero Capricorn square Pluto at zero Aries; Mars is opposite the conjunction at one Cancer forming a T-Square with Pluto at the apex; Jupiter and Saturn are a few days past a conjunction showing the start of a new twenty year cycle.  There is also a Full Moon.  This is an important time for humanity.  And if you graph the per capita GDP for the world over time, it continually grows at a steady rate with only two upwards bends: around 1820 and just after 1945.

The Romantic Movement was a large reaction to the rise of rationalism in the Eighteenth Century indicated by the Enlightenment, the rise of laissez faire capitalism, and the Industrial Revolution.  This too is signified by this chart.  The Romantic Movement was an intellectual fashion during the late Eighteenth and early Nineteenth centuries in literature, art, and many other fields that emphasized emotion, intuition, nature, and a return to historical roots.  The planet Neptune is almost synonymous with the Romantic idea, as opposed to Uranus, a good symbol for the Rational, Enlightenment period.  Uranus was discovered in 1781 just as these trends were getting started, whereas Neptune was discovered near the End of the Romantic Movement in 1846.






In every case over these many centuries with hard aspects of Uranus and Neptune, Neptune was bent to Uranian principles, because that is what served the direction of society.  The way this manifested itself is what I call “Electronic Drugs”, the Electronic part suggesting Uranus and the Drugs part suggesting Neptune.  For example, in the conjunction of 1821, the “Electronic Drug” was photography.  We can not imagine, since photography is so common these days and many people take photographs many times a day, what an immense change this was from the norm of the preceding millennia.  The only fixed representation of a scene known by people before that time was a painting.  Then for the opposition of the early 1900’s the electronic drug was moving pictures, which again was a huge change from what had gone before.  Previously only in a stage play could one see life recreated, but with cinema this could happen often.  Also at this time George Eastman introduced the box camera so that individuals and not just professionals could create photographs.  Radio also was developed in this time frame.  Then for the square of those two planets in the middle Fifties the electronic drug was television, which had existed before but by that period became immensely popular.  Again this was a huge change where people could watch moving pictures in their home.  This also changed politics, for example in the Kennedy-Nixon debates of 1960.  Then, with the conjunction of the early Nineties, the world saw the rise of the World Wide Web, the Internet brought to the masses.  Video and more are now streaming.  Many more ideas are now set loose on the world, it could be a hard time for orthodoxy.  The web will be seen to have huge implication of most everything in life, and we are only beginning to see some of the changes.  You can see this with the censorship of the web becoming more and more popular.






But notice in every one of these hard aspects, Neptune has not really been manifested in a Neptunian way, one that is gravely needed.  Perhaps when Neptune goes to zero Aries and at the apex of Uranus and Pluto, these totally Neptunian manifestation will be shown.



World Wide Web


The development of the industrial world and all that implies was made possible by these scientific inventions of the last 500 years, and especially made possible by hydrocarbon based energy, first from coal for the first 100 years and then by oil.  This made growth the watchword of the industrial world.  Some have called the Nineteenth Century the Coal Century and the Twentieth Century the Oil Century; what energy source will define  the Twenty-First Century?

Growth is the mantra that all government systems – fascism, capitalism, socialism, communism, whatever — follow wholeheartedly.  This system of growth practiced by all governments worldwide is what is breaking down.  This was highlighted almost 50 years ago by a book called The Limits (Saturn) of Growth (Jupiter) which was immediately rejected by many “serious” thinkers upon publication in 1973.  What seemed as a fantasy by many people back then now seems like a description of the world.  The book’s projection of the world in 2000 is now seen as hewing closely to reality.  That book’s lessons on exponential growth is something everyone should know.

So this is the result of 500 years of rejection of an ancient way of looking at the world and thus disenchantment.

There are signs that the materialistic worldview in Science is changing, that there is a recognition that mysticism has something to teach science.  There are bookshelves of volumes indicating this, and the rush was started by the publication in 1975 of the book The Tao of Physics by physicist Fritjof Capra.  That field of study has only expanded in the last 45 years.  Those interested should check out the works of physicists David Bohm (“implicate and explicate order”) and biochemist Rupert Sheldrake (“morphogenetic fields”).  Many of the ideas expressed in these books extend from quantum mechanics, a major scientific revolution that started in the first decade of the Twentieth Century which I most closely associate with German physicists Max Planck and Albert Einstein, but many others contributed to the study.  These developments started under under the midpoint of Uranus (at zero Capricorn) at the apex of Neptune and Pluto, the first major zeitgeist change of the Twentieth Century that I pointed out previously.  That these  developments in what could be called “meta-physics” started with the ferment of the Sixties is nakedly indicated by the book called How the Hippies Saved Physics by David Kaiser.



Quantum Theory


I’ve discussed previously the predominance of Neptune in the next 10 years.  Combining this with the above discussion of Neptune as the irrational, one may read this as the end of the over reliance on the rational, that is a growth of irrational or Romantic in this decade as one possible interpretation of Neptune.  One of the trends we may see in this decade, still new and according to some not starting until 2021 (the argument being that there was no year zero) is an increasing respect for the irrational, the right brained, the feminine, the lunar.  We need to make the world whole again by bringing back the irrational.  We need a re-enchantment of the world.  Another useful book in this regard is by Morris Berman called The Reenchantment of the World published in 1981, which lays out another argument along the lines of this post.

But Neptune can play out in many ways.  For example, the powers in charge of the world are currently trying to form a Dickian (after the science fiction writer Philip K. Dick) world (called the Great Reset by the World Economic Forum) if we let them, and they are using Neptune to hide what they are doing from us.  Hyper rationality is being used as a cover.  (You don’t want to argue with Science; are you some kind of Luddite??)  Will we see through the illusion in time to wrest control back into peoples’ hands and restore democracy?  Neptune can go several ways and so which one will it be?  This dominance of Neptune also suggests (self) deception so we must be eternally skeptical of pronouncements and always look beneath the surface truths.  But Neptune also represents the Irrational as shown above, and perhaps this prominence of Neptune over the next 10 years represents the return of the irrational for a more balanced position in the world.  Perhaps this coming decade will see the re-enchantment of the world after 500 years of the growth of the rational.

The Disenchantment of the World – Part I

For the last five hundred years, the rational side of human beings — symbolized by the planet Uranus — has grown continually, while the irrational side — symbolized by Neptune — has been considered not worthy of discussion.  This growth of the rational at the expense of the irrational — a term now considered so pejorative it is used as an insult — has reached its climax in the current day.  But “rational” versus “irrational” can be thought as the same type of polarity as “left brain” versus “right brain” or even Masculine versus Feminine.  This dichotomy has been given many names throughout the ages.  And usually one side is dominant over the other.  (Fortunately, we don’t have a problem with the Masculine dominating the Feminine in this society !!!)  Humanity needs both sides of this division in order to survive.

This polarity can also be seen in the concepts Apollonian and Dionysian, a dichotomy made famous by philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.  These names are respectively from the Greek god of the Sun — Apollo — and the Greek god of wine and madness — Dionysus; these two gods and their respective eponymous classifications represent rationality and irrationally, the two opposing ideas of this post.  Nietzsche divides people into Apollonians and Dionysians; these concepts appears in popular culture in such widely divergent sources as Eugene O’Neill’s play Desire Under the Elms and Robert A. Heinlein’s novel Stranger in a Strange Land.  One can even apply this division to the last two Presidents.

We sometimes confuse the polarity of Uranus-Neptune with that of the Sun-Moon.  You can see this conflation in the statement, no longer popular or allowed (but current 100 years ago) that men are rational creatures while women are irrational (and for example shouldn’t be allowed to vote).  Perhaps now that women are more noticed/respected in general culture it could presage a greater recognition of Neptune and all that it represents in the zeitgeist.



Gutenberg Bible


This trip into the hyper rational can be considered to have begun with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1453-4 — almost exactly 500 years before the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1964-65 — which saw the invention of something that was incredibly important to not only the development of science but also to the Reformation and even the Renaissance itself; that was the creation of the printing press, which has been compared to the development of the Internet as a element of cultural change.  Because results could be delivered in the printed form it became possible to communicate scientific discoveries easily.  It is hard to list all things that have been “caused” by printing.

The first real printed document is called the Gutenberg Bible, and the first date we have for this is October 22, 1454.  In the chart for this event, we see the Uranus-Pluto conjunction in Leo square the Sun and Saturn in Scorpio.  There is also a Jupiter-Saturn opposition, showing that this period of time is half-way through the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that began ten years earlier, the equivalent of a full moon.




English Renaissance


The Scientific Revolution in Europe started with the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1596 through 1598.  In England, this was the High Renaissance, best known for the many famous playwrights such as Shakespeare, Marlowe, and Spenser.  A man who is thought of as the father of the scientific method, Francis Bacon, was coming of age in this period and influenced by the pace of the English Renaissance.  Galileo, in Italy, made some fundamental discoveries at this time that would later allow for his belief in a book published by Copernicus about 50 years earlier.  Kepler was publishing a book that laid the foundation for his belief in the heliocentric theory first promulgated in the same book by Copernicus at the preceding Uranus Pluto opposition.

In the chart for an exact conjunction of those two planets at this time, we see the conjunction in Aries.  This was the Uranus-Pluto conjunction one cycle after the one that saw the printing press.  Many things had changed in the ensuing 140 years.  When the Gutenberg Bible was printed, the Western hemisphere was unknown to Europeans.  Note that because of the very elliptical orbit of Pluto, the period between two conjunctions can vary widely.

The scientific movement grew throughout the next century with, for example, the founding of the Royal Society in England on November 28, 1660, a few years after the Uranus conjunct Neptune opposite Pluto, which marked the height of the English Civil War and increasing belief in science.  To see how science was growing during this period consider that Galileo died in 1642 and Newton was born less than a year later.



World Turned Upside Down


The middle of the Seventeenth Century saw an imposing astrological configuration: Pluto in Gemini opposed to the conjunction of Uranus and Neptune in Sagittarius mentioned previously.  This is representative of the powerful changes that occurred in this century, with the English Civil War and all the social changes that went along with that, so many that this time has been call a World Turned Upside Down ( cf history of this period under that title by English historian Christopher Hill).




Rene Descartes


The French mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes personifies this growing rationalism.  He was born during the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of the late Sixteenth Century and died during the Uranus-Pluto opposition in the middle Seventeenth Century which are illustrated above.  He invented what is called the Cartesian coordinate system (used in for example the graphical ephemeris) in which the X coordinate is horizontal and the Y coordinate is vertical.  Cartesian coordinates allow one to look at reality reduced to points on a graph.  This is a concepts all mathematicians know instinctively.  Descartes was influenced by the teaching of Galileo and is thought to be the major influence on Newton, so one can see him as a binding person between these two great scientists.




Descartes Death


While we have a time for his death, the time of his birth is only a guess.  Some suggest that Descartes, knowing the power of astrology, did not want his birth time revealed, but had no power over the release of his death time.   In his birth chart, we see the Uranus-Pluto conjunction on his Sun, an indication of someone who would epitomize the Uranus-Pluto power.  At his death the Uranus-Neptune conjunction was trine the Uranus-Pluto conjunction of his birth.



Descartes’ Vision


On November 10, 1619 Descartes has a “vision” where he saw the whole universe and thus human beings as a mathematical system.  This vision laid the basis for his mechanistic philosophy that was to influence the beliefs of science from that day forward.  If we look at the transits for that day to Descartes’ chart we see a close opposition of transiting Neptune to his Sun, almost a cliche for a vision.  There is also Pluto opposite his Midheaven but since his birth time is not good, I would not give this aspect much credence.  But since the Sun moves only one degree per day, the Neptune transits is correct.

While Galileo and Newton (among others) are considered the founders of modern science, it is important to note that that they had not totally entered the realm of the hyper-rational which did not develop until the later Nineteenth Century.  Galileo was also an astrologer and Newton was an alchemist, interesting but seldom reported facts about two important men in the history of science.



Birth Industrial Revolution


The next century — the Eighteenth — saw the first developments of what was to be called the Industrial Revolution with the next Uranus Pluto conjunction (trine Neptune) of 1710.  In England Abraham Darby created iron in a blast furnace powered by coke rather than charcoal setting the stage for the use of iron and steel in manufacturing and Thomas Newcomen created the first practical steam engine (later refined by James Watt) also advancing the coming of industrialism.  At the time the Industrial Revolution was only in England, and they kept tight hold of it.  The Industrial Revolution came to America with Samuel Slater (illegally) liberating the ideas from Britain and establishing them in America at the end of that Century.  The Industrial Revolution hit the rest of Europe by the early Nineteenth Century.  This Neptune-Pluto trine was to last most of the century, the Century of the Enlightenment.



The Grandest Trine


This century also saw the Enlightenment, where many rejected the church as a final authority and instead depended on science and reason, the science that had developed in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.  The French philosopher Rene Descartes is a prime example of Enlightenment thinking though he lived in the previous century.  The Enlightenment is best symbolized by the Grand Trine of the three outer planets, a configuration that only occurs once every 500 years.

This growing rationalism resulted in what German sociologist Max Weber called the disenchantment of the world (die Entziehung der Welt).  The magic of the world, something known to ancients and also taught in various Mystery Schools, was reduced to a materialistic, mechanistic worldview, symbolized by the Cartesian coordinate system where life and the world are reduced to just a series of events operating as if by clockwork, in which everything can be determined if we only have enough data.  In fact, the mechanical clock was a paradigm for how the world and the universe were thought to work.  Humans are also thought of as machines, with the mind like a computer, thought this analogy did not occur until the later Twentieth Century.

This split, this disenchantment of the world, was the subject of a popular movie about 40 years ago called Koyaanisqatsi.  This title means in the Hopi language “Life Out of Balance” which describes exactly the same conflict we have been describing, that something is out of balance, that the rational — Uranian — side of out natures is not balanced by the much weaker irrational — Neptunian — side, and the movie shows what has been the result.  It is not pretty, but we know the resulting world well — the passage of forty years has only made things worse.

This disenchantment has reached its peak in the current era, where it is finally seen that this worldview, that the world is ours to use, is leading in a short time to the destruction of the planet.  While it was taught in that ancient text, the Bible, that humans have dominion over the world, it was not until the last 500 years that this could be realized.

There once was a world view opposed to this, believed in by so-called primitive humans who saw the world as a magic place.  Perhaps in the current era the foremost proponents of that philosophy are astrologers, who claim that the planets determine/signify what happens here on earth even though science says that is clearly impossible.  One can see why this view is called magic by most.  For further discussion of these ideas, see The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth, or for traditionalists, The Secret Teachings For All Ages by Manley P. Hall.

Neptune Über Alles

We have had a whole lot of Neptune over the last few years, and it is not going to end any time soon.  I’ve previously written about the Neptune transits to the Ascendant and the Sun of the United States.  The last of those transits has just about finished.  But coming up is the Neptune demi-return, the return of Neptune to be opposite its natal position.  This occurs at almost the same time as the Pluto return.  This is not too surprising, since the period of Neptune — 168 years — is almost two-thirds the period of Pluto — 248 years — so there is a certain resonance to their periods.  This Neptune demi-return will be followed soon after by Neptune hitting 0 Aries and Neptune crossing the IC — opposite the Midheaven —  of the US, so soon the whole world, and especially the United States, will have more than a touch of Neptune.



Second Neptune Demi-Return


Neptune the planet — who was in Roman mythology (Poseidon in Greek) the god of the Seas (and also earthquakes) — covers many ideas.  In the best sense it can relate to spiritual matters, but also deception and illusion in a mundane situation or for those who are not spiritual adepts.  Neptune should be strong in actors (witness Elizabeth Taylor’s birth in Neptune-ruled Pisces) who need to behave like someone they are not.  But is difficult to manifest the spiritual side of Neptune when we are talking about countries (eg US) or many people in their mundane existence.  In such cases Neptune can represent lies, deception, dissembling, but also vapors, poison gas, and illness, especially when the causes are not well know.  In particular, with the current COVID-19 pandemic that is engulfing the world, Neptune is a fitting symbol.  But remember Neptune symbolizes many things, so don’t get caught up in assigning it just one meaning, as Neptune is more difficult to tack down than other planets.  Though is seems a little too obvious, Neptune can easily be associated with plagues or pandemics.  More fundamentally Neptune can represent invisible or at least unclear things, as in the term “Neptunian” fog.  So things now are very Neptunian — the situation is unclear, and it is almost as if everyone has an opinion of what is happening, and some quote “experts” but in a more general sense, no one really knows what the future will be, but it wouldn’t be “more of the same”.

Let us briefly look at previous times Neptune made hard aspects — conjunction, square, opposition — with its natal position.  There are relatively few of these, since Neptune moves slowly around the Sun.  In a human being with a limited lifespan, the stages of a life can be measured with the aspects of Saturn to its natal position, most commonly labeled with the term “Saturn Return” though other aspects are important also.  But with a country, and especially the United States, the progress of the country can best be measured with the aspects of Neptune, as I indicate in the following paragraphs.



First Opening Neptune Square


The first opening square of transiting Neptune to its natal position was in 1817.  This was an interesting time even if there were no stand-out events.  The last of the “Virginia Dynasty” Presidents, all of whom came from the state of Virginia, James Monroe, had just been elected.  It is known as “The Era of Good Feelings” when past animosities were ended.  The War of 1812, which had seen the burning of the nation’s capital city, had ended two years earlier.  The Federalist Party, those who had essentially started the country before there were actually political parties, and had been represented by the first two Presidents, was for all intents and purposes dead.  This time represents the end of the “childhood” of the country and a time when it moved into adolescence.  Not only were Presidents elected that were different than the first few, for example Andrew Jackson in another ten years, but the contentious issue of slavery was about to become very obvious and could no longer be ignored with the Missouri problem that was solved by the eponymously name Compromise.



First Neptune  Demi-Return


The first time it was opposite its natal position was in 1858 and 1859.  We all know what was happening then:  This was the final run-up to the American Civil War, which had been developing for at least forty years since the opening square, but by the time of that demi-return the war was almost here.  This Civil War marked America’s entrance into young adulthood after it “solved” a problem that had been with the country since its founding.



First Closing Neptune Square


The closing square of Neptune was in 1898.  It is noteworthy how often several important transits happen at the same time — the current decade is a hallmark example of such a phenomena.  But this Neptune aspect was also an example; this period saw the Spanish American War and the beginning of the Philippines War while there was a Saturn Pluto opposition.  America was now passing out of earlier adulthood which was marked by the Civil War and was becoming a full adult and, wanting to be considered a “successful” country, became an empire.  This can be seen as the beginning of the “American Century”.



Neptune Return


The first complete Neptune cycle, which involved Neptune returning to its natal position, was 1938 and 1939; in the same way that that first demi-return was a run-up to the American Civil War, this return was the run up to the Second World War, though most Americans at the time were just happy that the worst of the Great Depression was over.   Those who paid attention to what was happening in Europe or the Far East knew something was coming down.  By the end of the War, America had achieved the promise that had been set in motion at the closing square: it was truly a world-spanning empire.



Second Opening Neptune Square


The second opening square, which also corresponds to a Saturn-Pluto conjunction and much else was happening in 1980 and 1981.  As has been mentioned before, this is the beginning of Neo-liberalism, that branch of extreme capitalism that has dominated the world for the last forty years, and, I believe, is coming to an end with the Neptune demi-return.  This closing square represented elderhood for the country, but not in a good way — the country has become older without becoming wiser, like an elderly teenager.  This upcoming decade represents hopefully a maturing out of that difficult stage.  Unlike a physical human being, countries can have more than one “lifespan”.  In this sense the upcoming Pluto return (symbolically, since Pluto can represent death) is the end of that stage most represented by the promise of the first Neptune return.

Since in the US chart, Neptune is close to the Midheaven, it is not surprising that the Neptune returns and demi-returns corresponds closely to Neptune at the MC or opposite the MC, which has been shown before to correspond to a crisis in America.  The first such crisis was the Revolutionary War, then the Civil War, then World War II.  This next crisis is coming up, and one indicator is the Neptune demi-return that also corresponds to the Pluto return, so one might guess that this return/demi-return of two outer planets will be more impressive/significant than either by themselves.  But these returns also correspond to Neptune on the Cardinal axis, either at 0 Aries or 0 Libra so they also represent major changes in the World.

US history in textbooks is often divided into four periods — before the Revolutionary War, between Revolutionary and Civil Wars, after the Civil War but before World War Two, and after World War Two, that is today.  So American history is conveniently demarcated by those the events, though all signify ongoing events to which those turning points — Revolutionary, Civil, World War — are significant.  And it should be obvious that life before the Revolutionary War, when people were British citizens, was different than life after when they were citizens of a new country.  After the Civil War, those who were slaves were now free and could, theoretically at least, vote and travel about.  And after World War Two so many things changed that it is often called the Great Acceleration or the start of the Anthropocene — literally a new era in world history.  We are soon to reach another one of those turning points.  The time after this Neptune demi-return (and many other events which I have talked about before)  will be unlike the time before (ie, now).  The history of the world, when looked back at from the future, will show that there was a major change that happened in the third decade of the Twenty First century.  Neptune is a big, but not the only, part of this, symbolized by the only outer-planet midpoint configuration with Neptune at the apex in 500 years and Neptune crossing the Cardinal axis at Zero Aries, the start of things.

This future could be determined by the same forces that made the last 70 (or 500) years what they have become, or it could be determined in a more democratic way.  I believe it was the Scottish Enlightenment philosopher David Hume who said that in all societies the people are the ones that truly have the power, but they have been convinced that they don’t, so it does not matter.  In authoritarian societies like the former Soviet Union, it was obvious that the media and the government were lying to citizens and so they paid attention to the samizdat (unauthorized newspapers), but in more “democratic” societies people don’t know they are being lied to, so it is almost a harder problem to convince them that they have the power.  What we need to see now is that the individuals come to believe that they are the powerful ones and not allow themselves to be controlled by the government and that handmaiden of government, the mass media, all of whom are owned by large corporations that do not have the interests of individual citizens as their prime concern.

In the chart of the US, Neptune is square Mars.  This is an extremely problematic aspect for a nation.  The country in question is deluded about its use of power, which in the case of a nation is military power.  It — the country — tends to believe that all uses of force are only for the benefit of others and military operations are done with the best of intentions: Deception is paramount.  When transiting Neptune is conjunct/opposed the natal Neptune it is also squaring the natal Mars, further emphasizing the ingrained Mars Neptune square.  This demi-return could be the time of another crusade to save the world.  In the current US this crusade comes in two flavors: straight neoconservative, often the favorite of Republicans, and the responsibility to protect (R2P) which is favored by Democrats (also called “the cruise missile left”).  In practical application, there is not much difference in outcome, but the R2P crowd (Samantha Powers is a good example) are often cheered in elite publications.  That is the “respectable” type of intervention.




In the fourth harmonic graphical ephemeris we can see how close the lines for Mars and Neptune are, near the bottom of the image.  Neptune first comes close to Neptune-Mars in the summer of 2020 and first exactly contacts both planets in Spring of 2021.  Both planets are contacted throughout the remainder of 2021 and 2022 and the last exact opposition to natal Neptune is at the end of 2022.  Also visible in the upper half of the graphical ephemeris is the progress of the Pluto Return which starts and ends a little later than the demi-return.

But I don’t want to be all negative.  This Mars-Neptune emphasis could be a time for self reflection (in the country) and a realization of how much the National Security State (aka Military Industrial Complex or Deep State), that was born shortly after World War II, has come to influence and even determine what the United States does.  The current media mindset with Russia,Russia,Russia (they’re going to hack our 2020 elections also!) shows how much an enemy is needed.  And before Russia the enemy was terrorism, and before that drugs, and before that Communism, and before that Germany, and before that Spain, and before that the South (from a Northern perspective), and before that the British.

Neptune indicates the very fluidity of the situation.  It is at such a time that the maximum amount of change can be made, or else we can fight among ourselves and let our “Masters” control the situation and its outcome.  But one thing is certain: with Neptune so involved, don’t accept anything at first impression, always look beneath the Neptunian surface.


Prelude to the Pluto Return

Mercury rules mentation — the use of the mind — and communication, and other related topics.  But when you consider the chart for an entity, in this case the United States, the meaning of Mercury subtly changes but still has the same core meaning.  For a nation, Mercury represents the press, formerly just the printed press, but now also the cable news networks and news carried on the Internet in places such as Facebook and YouTube.  As the means of communications have expanded, so have the referents of Mercury.  This brief discussion of the meanings of Mercury is a foreword to the discussion of a transit of Mercury coming up in the next two years.

In the natal chart of the US, Mercury is opposite Pluto with an orb of a little over three degrees, not terribly tight.  This suggests that the press has been a transformative medium in American history.  For example, with the rise of political parties in the late Eighteenth Century, newspapers were also created simultaneously to support the parties being formed and that press did much to support the birth of those political parties.  And even today most of the press, while perhaps called “non-partisan”, are closely associated with political parties: the New York Times is associated with the Democratic Party these day, and so are the cable channels CNN and MSNBC, so much so that it is often called MSDNC.  Fox Cable news channel is a mouthpiece for the Republican party.




Pluto Opposite Mercury


But coming up will be a transit of Pluto opposite the natal Mercury just before the Pluto return, as can be expected from the geometry of those two planets as just mentioned.  This is likely to change our relationship to the press.  First, lets looks at a graphical ephemeris showing the whole period of the opposition.  We can see that the opposition first becomes close in early 2019, where the red curved line representing transiting Pluto comes close to the dashed horizontal gold line representing natal Mercury.  The first exact opposition happens shortly after the Saturn Pluto conjunction of January 2020.  The exact opposition continues to happen throughout 2020 and 2021, including a stationary period in the Fall and Winter of 2021 about three quarters into the graphical ephemeris.  Finally, in 2022 as the actual Pluto return happens, the opposition is ending but still as close a it was in 2019.  So we have Pluto opposite natal Mercury being effective for at least four years, 2019-23, if not extending even further.  Perhaps it can be considered to be happening now, with the rise of the term “Fake News”.  If so, it will grow, though the standard theory of time suggests that it will be more powerful after the aspect than before.

One can see that as soon as Pluto went away from the opposition of the Sun, which continued on at least through 2017, it began approaching the opposition to Mercury and the shouts of “fake news” began to be heard.  Since in the current times the Sun represents the government and especially the President of the United States, this opposition to the Sun represented the animosity toward whomever was President before 2017, resulting in the obvious upset election in 2016.  Not only were people angry with the government and its representative, but they were also mistrustful of the press.  Jim Acosta from CNN being booed should have been no surprise.

Today in America — and perhaps other places in the world, witness the UK, Spain, Brazil — “truth” is a very partisan issue; depending on your political viewpoint a thing is either black or white (or perhaps in America we should say blue or red), with no shades of grey allowed or even an expression of a wrong color viewpoint.  And if you believe white then black believers are a spawn of demons and deserve to be in a low circle of Hell.

But here we are talking about Pluto opposite the US Mercury, so let’s restrict our comments to the United States.  This opposition suggests some major changes in store for the press and their connections to the bigger world, and the way we believe in truth in the United States.

According to Democrat partisans it is only because of the brave American press that we know of the nefarious crimes of President Donald J. Trump, such as his attempts at bribery of the new president of the Ukraine, a place that we need to help fight the Russians so that we don’t end of fighting them in America, as one Democrat-sponsored witness in Congress said, later quoted by the Congressman from Hollywood California.  If this sounds familiar, it is because George W. Bush said that we had to fight terrorists in Iraq so we did not have to fight them here.  To the Republican partisans Trump is a brave man who is trying to stand up to the nefarious doings of the Deep State which thinks him a bad spokesman for the American agenda: he’s not smart enough (or politician enough) to know he should put lipstick on the pig, and the press is not telling this story of the Deep State coup.

Currently there are several extremely important issues that a free press should be reporting on, but we hear mostly nothing about them in the prestige press.  This lack of reporting of vital matters that could be of use to Americans in seeing the world represents a big problem for citizens who want to understand the true relationship of their country to the world.

The Washington Post recently published what is called the Afghanistan Papers that reveal that throughout America’s longest war, which is still happening, Americans were lied to with great regularity, that the people running the war did not know what was going on, and that the press pretended that all was going smoothly.  This has been compared to the release of the Pentagon Papers in the Seventies that disclosed similar stupidity in regards to the Vietnam War, which at the time held the distinction of being the longest war of the United States.  The Pentagon Papers were a phenomena at the time.  Newspapers published excepts, and there was much talk about them.  They even played a role in the Watergate crisis, whereas the President sent people to burgle the office of the psychiatrist who was treating the person who released the Pentagon Papers.  But in today’s world, these newly released documents which expose a similar malfeasance for a recent war don’t get any respect.  Perhaps now that we only have an economic draft so that only the children of the poor end of fighting the wars it is of little concern to Democrats to represent families with children killed in the current iteration of what has been called regime changes wars.

The UN commission called the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) released a report in 2018 accusing the Syrian government (a putative enemy of the United States) of using poison gas on its population, even though this did not make sense since the Syrian side was winning and had no reason to do something that would bring international condemnation with no upside for them.  In response the US, UK, and France bombed Syria.  But in recent weeks there have been several whistle-blowers from inside the OPCW and a document dump from Wikileaks that have shown the the OPCW report was contrary to the opinions of its staff and was oriented to align with US government beliefs and so that the report (and thus the OPCW itself) has no credibility.  One would expect this to be a big story, that a UN commission lied and thus several countries committed war crimes as a result, but there is no news of this.

The third major story that is not given coverage is the unlawful imprisonment and torture of a man who is considered by many independent observers as the most important journalist in the world today, whose reports many mainstream newspapers published once upon a time, but who now can not give that journalist the time of day.  The extradition trial of Julian Assange has been truly a kangaroo court that is happening in Great Britain, a travesty that has been compared to the Dreyfus case that eventually roiled France at the end of the Nineteenth Century.  But if the press reports about Assange at all, it is to deposit calumny on him.  Many Democrats consider him — in cooperation with Vladimir Putin — the reason Hillary Clinton lost the election in 2016.

Around the world at the time we are seeing a huge number of protests against the government of each country.  When looked at from above, all these protests are against the neoliberalism that has dominated the world for the last forty years.  But some protests get much more coverage in the American press than others.  The coverage of the Hong Kong protests against an official US opponent, even though they have been quite devoid of deaths and injuries, has been given very great media coverage, as opposed to the limited converge of the Yellow Vest movement against the government of a US ally, even though many have lost limbs or eyes from the activities of the French police, who apparently are more violent than the Hong Kong police.



Jupiter-Pluto Conjunction


The first Jupiter Pluto conjunction on April 4, 2020 is interesting because it is right opposite the natal Mercury, so this conjunction will have something to do with the media.  Pluto on this date is opposite natal Mercury with an orb of less than one degree.  The transiting Sun is opposite the natal Saturn, and to further accentuate Saturn, transiting Saturn is trine the US MC, as is transiting Venus (and thus transiting Venus and Saturn, both at the beginning of air signs, are trine), and thus the transiting midpoint of Venus and Saturn is on the Midheaven.  Venus and Saturn together talk about a limitation of justice, a concept that can be applied to many issues effecting the world today.  One of the meanings Ebertin gives for this midpoint is “the urge to seek  solitude” which I’m sure we can all relate to.

What I have called the mainstream media in the United States, for example the New York Times, the Washington Post, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, is being increasing paid attention to only by older readers and watchers, while younger people, those who grew up more in what can be called The Internet Age, get more of their news online.  This has caused a spilt in the Democratic Party which I call the split between the MSNBC Democrats — who get there news from the cable TV channel MSNBC — and the Jimmy Dore Democrats — who get their news from the YouTube channel The Jimmy Dore Show.  This dynamic can also be seen in the current Democratic primaries across the country, playing out  in the dichotomy of the two remaining candidates.  As the population ages and people born before 1960 continue to die, one can expect more and more news to be gotten online, which causes much worry among those producing legacy media.  But they also have themselves to blame: if they better reported the truth instead of what their owners want, there would be more trust of them among younger people.

A good source showing that media criticism is nothing new is the book Manufacturing Consent by Edward Herman (the main author, which is why his name came first on the title page) and his long time collaborator Noam Chomsky, published in 1988.  There is also a YouTube video.  After the book was published, Herman (who was an economics professor at Wharton) edited a magazine called Lies of Our Times, specializing in debunking the lies of the New York Times, which is indeed a full time job.

And of course before that were truth telling journalists such as I. F. Stone (who reported about what was really happening in Korea or Vietnam and whose Weekly newsletter was a must-read for Vietnam War protestors), A. J. Liebling (who famously said the press is free only for those who own one), Wilfred Burchett who was the first reporter at Hiroshima after the bomb was dropped, despite an embargo of Japan by the United States, and George Seldes, a critic of the press in the Thirties and Forties (even though he died at 104 in 1995) who said “The most sacred cow of the press is the press itself”.

So among the great changes that we will see in the upcoming decade will be changes in the media landscape of America and citizens’ relationship to it.  As the story “The Boy Who Cried Wolf’ reminds us, after you fail to tell the truth for a long time you will be disbelieved even if what you say is now true.